BLOG: France – Wild Fire Nation

Wales is a wild fire nation. It has a passion underground, a wildness, a Spirit controlled flame that every so often breaks through and spreads out. Last time it erupted 100,000 people were changed within months and the fabric of the culture transformed. It was God going public and showing his reality to entire communities. God of the Breakthrough. The impacts went global and the signs remain today. 

I believe France is very similar. It may express it differently, a different sound, a different language, but underground it is another wild fire nation destines to burn with RADICAL passion and fire. At times I can see it. It’s a key into the heart of EUROPE. 

I remember the first time we went to PARIS. The woman translating was overcome by the Spirit as we talked and she began to dance. It was beautiful. Not messy. But elegant and wonderful. It was to me a sign and wonder to me. I had never seen that before. And then in the youth conferences I have seen the Spirit move over the people and each one dance and dance. It is like nothing I have seen anywhere else. You have to see it!

I feel honoured every time I am asked to return to France. I know they don’t embrace outsiders easily, but they have embraced us and I don’t take that for granted. I believe it’s a Spirit connection between lands. A transference of DNA.A stirring one another up into the full expression of WILD FIRE that EUROPE needs.

Europe needs an out of (our) control hot fire. We need uncontainable, unpredictable, offensive passion. RADICALS that move through art, culture, media, society even to GOVERNMENT. Discipling nations. Releasing the pure beauty of Jesus. 

I see Europe’s Day. We carry it in our hearts. Releasing Europe will effect the world. To that end we continue to press forwards. The world is changing and we are called to shape it together France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain and others. It may be slow in arising but it’s going to become a mass movement of powerful nations and people moving together. It’s not a man thing it’s a GOD idea. He cares and He is responding to the cry. 

With you in Spirit! Justin Abraham & COBH

(Thank you KELLY DAILEY you are an amazing friend, and ELISABETH BRUCE you have paid the price over and over. Thank you for being gatekeepers and friends into the Nation of France- we honour you!)

One thought on “BLOG: France – Wild Fire Nation

  • reminds me of a place we’ve been to in Cholet in France in the Vendee area.One mans vision started out with a few people re enacting the French revolution in a field.It grew to incorporate 6 surrounding villages, then they acquired a plot of land with a castle, then they developed the site. Now it hosts around 250 00 people a day, seats a 14000 stand at night of a 2 1/2 hour choreographed extravaganza, It runs with excellance and is a whole dynamic of vision and history and embraces culture and history and vision of the present and the future.
    Kinda speaks to me of the creativity in the nation, embracing the present , the future whilst not forgetting the past.
    may you flow with all that Jesus wants to open up in the nation/ nations

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