BLOG: Spirit Moving in France

I love France. I love the people. The passion. The dance.

I’ve been many times. Sown into the people and relationships.

Two years ago we saw a tremendous breakthrough amongst the young people. It was a marker. The stories continue from that time. 

This time I was looking for further signs… Would we feel embraced? How hungry would the people be? How much passion would be evident? 

I was amazed at what we saw. We have seen breakthrough before but this time adults and even older people were getting blasted by Holy Spirit. The response was passionate! The worship transcendent. The presence powerful. God is extending the grassroots move here.

One night at the Conference I was hijacked by Holy Spirit and my message ditched as a Spirit of Prophecy came over me in waves about an unstoppable move of God across Europe. A passionate company of Radicals who would move through Paris and Lyon. It was a very powerful experience and exciting to be used that way. The presence rested on us. We are looking for deeper manifestations of the Oracle Spirit.

Munday Martin washed the feet of former Muslims as an act of love towards the Muslims in France. We felt strongly passionately loving the Muslims is going to be a vital shift towards a wider move in Europe. That the muslim community needs to see the love and friendship of Jesus. Love overcomes. Love wins. Love will shape the future.

COBHs Jane Schroeder preached a heavy weight word on the Seer Realm and the love and compassion of Jesus. I think it was the most impacting word Jane has given yet and came at a high level of authority and love. A lingering heavy presence came and people remained for an hour afterwards just soaking in the atmosphere and heart of Jesus. I was so proud. So honoured to be journeying with Jane and the team. Seeing them come through into this level of maturity made all the last few years worthwhile. I am so glad! Love our friends!

In the next BLOG, I want to talk about LYON and what we see being shaped there. There is huge potential to model something new. I believe what happens in Lyon will work through out all of France. Justin

2 thoughts on “BLOG: Spirit Moving in France

  • I could barely contain myself as I read this. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I’ve prayed for France for many years. Three years ago my husband and I went to Paris and prayed as we walked the streets, wondering what God was up to. I can’t express how grateful I am to you for sharing this. Thank you!

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