BLOG* Leave it all behind… catch the plane!

Had a significant dream on our first day in South Africa. In this dream we were rushing to catch a plane. This plane was very costly- the ticket was £1,000 each. We were running, but our bags were slowing us down. We had to make a decision. Leave the bags, run and catch the plane, or stick with the bags and miss the place.

We made our decision and dropped the bags and ran.

One of the guys in the dream said “My new beginning starts today!”.

I knew in the dream, that one decision had changed everything. The flight, the direction, the timing was all new, a brand new unpredictable schedule. We were now on a new calendar. I woke full of the Spirit and joy.

I believe there is a challenge right now going out to leave even the best things from the past season. The baggage we had with us wasn’t rubbish stuff, it was the stuff we really liked and really wanted to take with us. But taking it with us meant trading in the new future. 

I think God is offering something to us over these years ahead that is going to transcend the ordinary, and bring us into a brand new era. What that looks like heaven knows. But we have hints and clues, hidden in history, hidden in dreams and visions. 

It’s like what happened to Neo in the incredibly prophetic MATRIX movie. He was offered a choice- blur or red pill. One would open his eyes  to the true world the other would put him back into the dream world. 

We have a powerful choice. Nobody can force you. Only you can decide.  That choice will change everything. There can be no turning back. 

Embracing the Future now. JA

7 thoughts on “BLOG* Leave it all behind… catch the plane!

  • Good word. And love that scene from the Matrix movie. So prophetic. I was at a seminar with Neil Cole some years back and he referred to it. Indeed he had red and blue sweets for folk to choose one or the other. I chose to have my eyes opened and that was the start of a new journey of discovery.

  • I just received an email from family in New York, concerning two recent dreams . I am going to forward what you have shared about yours. The theme is very similar. Thanks for sharing

  • Great post…love it.

    I guess that means I must leave my striving and subconscious religiosity behind. Getting bare before God and letting Him enter as He knocks at my heart’s door. He’s already there at the door waiting, no need to get busy in my soul with striving. “Oh wait, Jesus, I have to clean my house first… and then petition Your Father for you to come–for hours and maybe days” Enough already, He’s ready to come in!!

    “…take the red pill…and see just how far the rabbit hole goes.” says Morpheus.

    It’s the unveiling of the eyes–only the Holy Spirit can free us from the religious system that holds it’s members captive. And only the Holy Spirit that can get the religious system out of us. But this IS the season, this IS the time. We are in it! The new day is here!!

  • Tony I see is right there! For me this is sooo exciting and yet scary as I am faced with leaving the good stuff too (hard won good stuff!) and this is no light decision for me! Thank you Justin and thank you God!

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