BLOG: Expansive Future begins Today

I am challenged by the Future. I feel we are people out of time and out of space. Made from another place. Longing for the world around us to look like our true home. Knowing so much is not right, it’s out of place, not resonating to the frequency we love. We truly are the aliens here seeking, searching, dreaming.

The mystic way is at times painful. Teresa of Avila my favourite mystic and others knew this well. The pain of longing. Sometimes they would have such ecstatic encounters they would afterwards feel they were detached from their bodies in heavenly bliss, feeling sorry for the other part of themselves that still has to wander the earth. It is difficult when someOne steals your heart away. Captivated. No hope of escape. I feel like Paul somedays that I long to be with Christ. To live is Christ but to die is gain. 

Even creation is groaning and feeling the same tension of looking. Looking for something that has not fully been revealed. The Sons of God who will bring it back into symphony, into true pure order. It somehow knows, what people fail to see, that the future is not like the past. 

Where we exist is a hard place to be. Living between two places. Saved but not fully physically glorified. Loved yet as yet not looking at his face nor moving in the Spirit as we truly desire. Healed yet seeing and feeling the weariness of our bodies. We live in constant tensions. But the pull of heaven is stronger. 

However, I know and live in this expectation- that we as a generation live in the time where it is all started to, and even more going to change. Longevity of life, healing of bodies, glorified bodies, visible signs and wonders, angelic friends, face to face with God, governing and bringing alignment to culture, society, family, art and more.  That new creation reality is here and yet still coming. We lean into it with delight in it. We lean into it as if our lives count on it, because they do, they really do. 

The tide is turning slowly, but it has turned.

I’ll leave you today with this quote from Rick Joyner. It’s taken from the incredible book “The Harvest”. A book saturated with hope and vision for a greater day being born out of the death of the old. Drink this and breathe!

“Miracles which exceed some of the most spectacular Biblical marvels will cause whole nations to come to Christ. The visible Glory of God will appear upon some for periods of time and this Glory will heal everyone it touches. The pillar of fire that led Israel will not even compare to the intense presence of the Lord in these days. The appearance of angels will be so common that they will cease to be related as significant events. The Lord Himself will appear to councils of Apostles and elders to give them directives. Believers will be in awe continually wondering what each day great new things they will see.”

Leaning forwards. We do not lose heart. Safe, secure, certain. The cross has won the field. 

In his intoxicating bliss, JA

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