BLOG: Known through Encounter

In the Book of Enoch we see the journey of an ordinary man who decided to engage in a lifestyle of seeking and encountering the Lord. Over time this lifestyle expanded from just visions and he was literally taken and shown the heavens and the secrets of God. Eventually the Lord took him completely and he skipped death. I love that. Swallowed up. Missing in action. Vanished. Enoch is now a man who lives in heaven. Trail blazing a way of living for others to follow.

I think God wants to be known through Encounter. I believe that there is a call already going out to join Enoch on this adventure. Some already are. Many hidden ones appearing and disappearing. Cloud Riders. In the Spirit. Blurring the Boundaries between seen and unseen. The quest for his face is surely the ultimate quest.

Can you feel the ‘upward call’ as Paul called it another man who was ‘hijacked into paradise, seized by Christ’. Bill Johnson says this:

“The impulse that drives the life of the Believer isn’t the need to preform for God but to commune with Him. Only when we perceive the face of the One in whose image we are do we come to know who we are and the One for whom we were made.”

Bill continues-

“The quest for His face is the ultimate quest… the ultimate quest is quite doable and within reach. It is so all inclusive that the smallest child may come. Every other journey and every other ambition pale in comparison. One might say this one challenge adds meaning and definition to all of life’s other pursuits. Those who respond to the invitation find little else to live for. Those who say no spend their lives looking for an adequate replacement. And there is none to be found anywhere.”

Enoch said in his prophetic book that the things he experienced were not for his generation but one in the distant future. We are that distant future. We are that generation to which the mysteries of the Kingdom are to be entrusted. I don’t know about you but I want this. I see it. I hear it. Into the great unknown we continue to go. Glad others have shown us the way!

Exploring the Divine Essence, JA

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