BLOG: Expanded hearts

Full of Holy Spirit today. Expanded. Alive. Last night in Spirit School we touched dimensions of prayer, worship and his presence that we’ve been pursuing for a long time. It’s such an encouragement to see the green shoots. Small but beautiful. Feel like Simeon and Anna when they saw baby Jesus. Not afraid of the day of small things. 

The new green shoots of heaven breaking through the soil of these islands. Signs of life everywhere. People hungry and curious. The living breath of heaven moving like a refreshing wind to awaken the hearts both those who know him and those who don’t.

In this era of great challenge, and shaking and breaking of the known, the familiar and the structures of power, a new grassroots uprising is here, in many forms textures and colours. And we are glad. Europe’s day is a long day. It may not change overnight but it will change. It must change. Heaven rules. 

In front are wonders… hope and great love, love that remains. 

In his burning heart JA

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