*NEW Podcast online today!

Laughter is good medicine! Get happy with the Happy Gospel. Join Justin Abraham as he shares on the joyful sound of Heaven. The Gospel means good news and Papa is putting the ‘Good’ back into the news and taking the Party to the Streets. Like David the dance is going outside. The good news is going to be seen in all it’s glory again. Jesus calls us to a FEAST to future and present bliss. Enjoyment and Joy in times like these is a supernatural sign and wonder. Once you’ve tasted a little you’ll want more! Jesus came so that our joy would be complete and overflowing! He has given you a joy capacity you can’t even imagine! So get a cuppa tea, put your slippers on, sit down and drink the creamy bliss of Jesus with Justin Abraham

2 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast online today!

  • Justin,
    I continue to thank Father for the way He uses you to brng unadulterated joy! One day I’m going to get over to Wales from Louisiana via Scotland and dance and laugh with you all in person! been there in the Spirit asking for the dance annointing to break out on your meetings and dancing with the Lord in the midst! Thank You Holy Spirit. yes, in His presence is much much joy! Thanks for telling the world!

  • I like to watch the best of Hubble (the heavens display the Glory of The Lord) and listen to Abraham.

    love the harmony.

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