BLOG: Thomas A’ Kempis

I was taken into a Revelatory experience in the Heavens. It was more than a vision. In some respect I was in another place. Somewhere in Christ in a place where secrets are told and insight is gained.

I was by the side of a vast lily pond surrounded by trees- it was more like a gentle river than a pond. The lily pads were huge giant green circles resting on the clear waters. You could imagine kids jumping on them across the waters.

It was like a summer’s day. Relaxed. Happy. Tranquil. Like your best memories. Days where you let yourself go and nature refreshed your soul. The atmosphere (like all third heaven encounters) was alive. It was bliss. This for me is what distinguishes it from a normal vision. The sense of ‘being there’ and how it feels. 

I looked around after taking in the scene and I noticed a large (what looked like) Oak Tree. Beautiful and Ancient. Sitting under it was a man in old fashioned clothing but almost glowing gently. His face was difficult to see despite the rest of the vision having great detail. 

I could see he was writing a book. I felt at ease in this place and sat next to him. To my surprise this unknown man introduced himself to me. He was Thomas A’ Kempis. I didn’t really know who this man was. I had heard his name and knew he was an author but other than that I knew nothing about him or his message. I felt honoured. He was writing with what looked like a quill. 

We began to talk. Now this might sound strange but as we talked he stopped writing and began to prophesy over me about writing books. He took what looked like a key and placed it right into my Spirit man. It was swallowed into me. As he did this something was imparted into my life.

It would take me well over a year to be begin to understand what had happened. But this encounter changed me… it just took a little while for my mind to catch up with the Spirit. Even today it continues to shape me.  

Thomas A’ Kempis’ words are recorded in a book called “The Imitation Of Christ”. If you can find a modern well translated version it is a book of Life. His words show the Ancients Paths. a Life given over to Another. The deeper call. 

“The highest wisdom is to despise the things of the earth and strive for the Kingdom of Heaven… Bear in mind this saying- that “the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor is the ear filled with hearing.” Study therefore, to turn your heart from the love of visible things, and to fix it upon the things unseen.”

Col 3:1-2 Generation. This is the Mystic Call. Justin Abraham

10 thoughts on “BLOG: Thomas A’ Kempis

  • How amazing! – I was in a charity shop about three days ago and saw this book and bought it! It was so old and out of place I can only think God put it there for me!
    Trillions of congratulations on yur new baby!xxx
    Penny from Crickhowell

  • Thank you Justin for being a transparent vessel who pours forth, doesn’t hold back the life Father imparts to you! The lily pads part was reminiscent of another sister’s prophetic word given in 2009. I sent you a note via a mutual friend with the link. They saw lily pads along the bayous in Louisiana when they were here. A bayou is a small slow moving stream so the river is similar. Rene’s word is particular to USA and judgement and the lily pads are for those who are walking in holiness to walk above the destruction and things coming. We are all connected within the glorious mysterious body of Christ. Christ within us our hope of Glory, this eternal weight of Glory that is so easy and light, opening worlds within!

  • This is amazing and inspiring. I believe it was through the power of God, why dont you write a book giving the whole story? Thank you sir and may God expand you in wisdom.

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