Wildfire Family

Today I want to talk quickly about a vital issue of our generation – community & friendships!

I began to have visions in 2003 of the future. Papa showed me the economic storms that are here now and the difficult times ahead. The good news is he also showed me a vision of community that will see people through the storms. I saw that people could live without money and still be happy. Friendship is an anti-depresant, one of the greatest ones. I saw people sitting around talking and laughing with empty wallets! It looked goooood! Ha ha! 

I know Papa is pulling people together hubs all over the world to be a place of love and life. This is only going to intensify in the coming years as we ride some big waves. Eventually a new culture will be birthed, a culture of honour- where we love on purpose, don’t withdraw from each other as punishment, and we work through with integrity our lives together because we know we are accepted and loved.

It’s Papa’s great plan! It’s what Jesus saw and prayed that we would love and show the world what that looks like in some of the darkest times. It’s what they had in Acts in each others homes everyday sharing all things in common. They buzzed off God they buzzed off each other. Beyond church meetings.

It’s a big dream. But it’s not an impossible dream. Could the seeds be already on the earth for it to happen? I think so. But it will take courage and vision and grit to see it through. The road ahead isn’t easy. It’s unpredictable. It’s challenging. But the future is so worth it. A new day rising. Arise and shine together to shape a generation.

Today I want to specifically honour Bethel Church and Bill Johnson and their friends for what they have added to our journey and to the world. Thank God for safe places, voices of integrity and maturity that are showing that revival has to have a culture- it’s not an event, it rests on a company of people. I really believe the value of the culture of honour teachings is massive. If you’ve not heard it get some Danny Silk and Kris Volloton, and look at the Loving on Purpose website. Pure gold! 

So we are in it for the long haul. We are in it to see this nation burning and realise that means change even in places we don’t want to change. If you’d like to connect we are opening up space here for community to happen. It’s not glamourous. You will get dirty! But there’s a lot of glory on it! Ha ha! And who knows where we will end up. We don’t know. But the chances are that it’s going to be wonder-full! 

Cheers for the Friendships! Justin Abraham

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