BLOG: Craving a New Culture

“Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips. Ps 141:3”

I think we are living in challenging times for communication. Behind the computer screen it seems easy within FACEBOOK and BLOGS to be rude and insulting, detached, not even giving a thought to the person you are speaking to. I have been shocked at how people talk. I don’t think they would talk like that if they were standing in front of the other person.

The internet age is a brilliant. I love the web. Debates are great. Being challenging is fine.  But I feel we haven’t yet learned how to talk to one another in the right Spirit. I think we need to realise words matter, they can build and destroy. People matter. Words count. You don’t know the other person, what they’ve been through, where they have been. We presume too much about each other. I think we need a genuine love revolution that changes how we talk. I think we need Peacemakers and secure people who can love and turn the other cheek. Like Stephen who was being stoned but still cried out “Forgive them!”. 

I used to love a story as a kid. It was about a man with a winter coat. The Sun and the Wind decided to see who could get him to take it off. So the wind went first and blew and blew. The more he blew the more he tightened his coat. He gripped onto it. Then the Sun came out and gentle warmed the man. In no time he had his coat off and face in the sunshine. Kids story big truth. Kindness not harshness won the argument. Nobody is convinced by a harsh person. It dulls the ears. 

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience and goodness and kindness. Love is the better way. I believe he is looking for a new culture, the shadow of heaven for his government to rest upon it. How can we become Oracles and speak to Governments if we can’t control our words? It’s time to grow up into the Head. 

Jesus said they would know us by our love. Help us all Papa, myself included. 

Just a wee thought about a big issue.

Cheers Justin 

13 thoughts on “BLOG: Craving a New Culture

  • Speaking as one of the pre-internet generation (there are still a few of us left) Justin, I agree. One of my simple rules therefore is that I try not to FB-friend people I haven’t personally met (unless very good friends with someone I know well or unless Papa makes a connection)… I find this helps me to see individuals as real people and therefore it’s easier to adopt normal relational rules of care, kindness etc. impossible perhaps if one’s page is like Kris Vallotton’s or COBH but helpful for personal connections.

  • Like this! I too am very uncomfortable with many things I read on FB and some blog comments.You are right in that if we were face to face much of this would be different.We should be more careful when folk aren’t there in person as they don’t get tone of voice ,body language etc… Give baby a kiss from us! xxx

  • Just wanted to encourage you and the Company of Burning Hearts from rural North Dakota USA. Our small “gathering” of believers have been so blessed by your ministry. We thought for a long time, are we the only ones that think like we do! All of the “Spirit” filled churches in town were persecuting because they were scared of loosing members. The HS was pouring out, a few people were going in and out of the heavenly realm, lots of healings but something was still missing. Then a friend in California faced booked a few of your pod casts to me and soon I was loosing my mind!! Soon I was face booking your teachings and making CD’s to give to people without the internet. Soon everyone’s heart was burning. You and your fellowship have ignited and activated a hunger in our group to engage in the heavenly realm. The only problem I am having in actually doing my normal everyday work!! I can’t get enough of HIM!!! Last night the cloud of Glory enveloped me and it felt like a million kisses going through my body! After the cloud lifted I looked around the room and mist was dripping down the walls!! Thank you!! We will be sowing into your ministry and someday we will come for a visit in Wales!! Blessings, Pamela Emery North Dakota USA

  • Thank you Justin. I needed this today. I want my life/my words to flow from love.. all the time.. not just some of the time… or even most of the time. I me, help us all, Father.

  • Congratulations Justin and Rachel on teh birth of baby Abraham! Blessings to you all! I haven’t met you but after listening to your messages and videos feel like part of the ‘company” ! You are soo right about the current comments. Years ago I stopped participating on a blog about the hebrew roots because people got so mean spirited. i have avoided facebook for this very reason. Last night in our small fellwoship that was the word one sister spoke about. She said that we should be aware of even our expressions, that they carry messages. The Bride has a lot to do to “make herself ready” to be wed and birth the Son! But hey, we are progressing to at least talk about these issues! Your son’s generation will be beyond our expectations! I am believeing for a long life to see it! Blessings, Love and Hugs from the USA contingency of a burning heart!

  • thank you for sharing this little story….as the sun in the story warmed the man it warmed my heart for how i see in this story pictured how God is as Father to me and how He really is looking at me…warm, compassionate, loving, kind, patient, joyfull over what He sees growing in me (but what i still can’t see very well…too much confusion as there still often is) instead of harsh and judging and to be feared as my heart still believes in part (as i unfortunately still feel at times even though i want my heart changed in total childlike trust and faith that Papa is really totally safe at all times and helping me to become more kind and carefull of what and how i respond to people…). But your messages to much good and when i read some of the comments above i…i wish i could experience that intimacy with Father and Jesus and walk in love in ways that i haven’t seen yet….abundant blessings to all of you of COBH !

  • Thanks for sharing His heart… =) The problem with the internet is you cannot see the other person. It is easy for things to be misconstrued. Even if you respond with the right words, and the right heart if someone is already worked up, it is hard for them to see you and your heart on the other screen. So this is when we have to purpose, as being possessed by Love, to believe the best about the other person. Always regarding, even anothers attack, as an opportunity to just be completely an incarnation of Love.

  • Hello, I don’t really know you but I had to reply to your blog. Just yesterday on the playground at the preschool where I teach I was telling one of my co-teachers that one of my favorite stories as a child was one in my reading book about the wind challenging the sun to see which of them could make a man remove his jacket. I hardly ever read random blogs online but for some reason I clicked on yours and here is that very story retold. What are the chances of that happening? I take it as an indication that God is reminding me that a kind word turns away wrath and that people are to be able to identify His followers by their love. Thank you for your blog and thank You, Lord, for driving home Your point to me.
    Rhonda H

  • Thank you Justin. You write with clarity and perception and with a fragrance which carries God’s message of love and forgiveness . The words of the Lord Jesus in Luke 6 v 45 , indeed the whole chapter, ought to be engraved on our hearts. Words, written, or spoken reveal more about ourselves than others. God is kind. Often we are not and it must grieve His heart. I have pondered what Jesus said to His friends ” that all men would know that we are his disciples by our love for each other “. Oh, how far short we have fallen. We release such a wrong sound from our spirit when we are rude and harsh in our comments., and to me, growing up without todays technology it seems cowardly to post unpleasant remarks behind someone’s back. Lord, help us all.
    Blessings on your beautiful baby. Three more and you will catch me up.!!!
    Love from Carol

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