New Abraham Arrival!

In the wee hours of this morning 2/2 – our Abraham baby boy arrived! We’re really over the moon!

He was 8 days later than his scheduled due date so Rach was well ready! Rachel is doing really well. There were no complications and the little fella is doing fine. He was 8 and half pounds. No name yet but I’m sure we’ll work that out soon. Any suggestions!?

Our other three kids, Josh, Sam and Beth are really excited. They stayed over Rachel’s parents house while we had a home birth. This picture (above) is their first introduction to their new little bro. They couldn’t wait!

Grandma got in there early! This fella is going to be spoilt!! Ha ha! It’s going to be a fun day today. Happy days for the Abraham clan. Thank you everyone for your love and support. Cheers Justin

14 thoughts on “New Abraham Arrival!

  • congratulations from me too! looks great the little guy! he has a good weight with more than 8 pounds, just like I had, hehe.
    you could consider the name Manuel, if you even use that name in the uk. don´t aks me why.
    I bless you and your new born in Jesus name


  • Congratulations from us all here in Norfolk! Love the photos of the little one with proud siblings and grandma 🙂
    Blessings upon you all, Rod and Michelle & clan

  • Absolutely thrilled for you all – many congratulations!

    I don’t get to come to Spirit School any more as finances don’t stretch to the petrol right now, but I follow podcasts, and I’ll hopefully be along one of these days.

    Lots of love and blesssings,

    Penny (Crickhowell)

  • I think “Reuben” would be very nice, he is gorgeous,

    Congratulations to you both Justin & Rachel.

    Andrew & Isobel from Bonnie Scotland.

  • Nathaniel ..possible a little late for suggestions now but Nathaniel I say
    congratulations guys from both of us

    Pete n Frances xx

  • What a beautiful baby boy! I’m just overjoyed for you. I wish I was that Grandma holding that baby and enjoying the joy that precious little ones bring. Blessings to the Abraham family and much love. Linda from El Paso, Texas, USA

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