Just Discovered: Rend Collective Experiment!

Wanted to share with you guys something great- The Rend Collective Experiment!

Just bought their new album and loooove it! Seriously recommended!

Homemade Worship by Handmade People

Few of their older vids-

Riding on the melodies! COBH

2 thoughts on “Just Discovered: Rend Collective Experiment!

  • I love you guys at COBH….here I am a house wife in Cancun Mexico asking of the Lord confirmation on stuff He has been revealing cause I needed to be sure I was not going off to deep…. and you brought me Michell Perry and Emma full of Joy Hederson and Ian Clayton plus others to expound and confirm…..and of course your lovely selves……then I asked for some new music and that was today, this morning and wow!!!!… there it was because you decided to share….so I just had to say thanks…and blessings to you Rachel and Justin…thanks…from me and the angels here to you and your angels there….seems they are connected as we by the same Lord all Mighty…Praise to HIM- To Jesus!!!! and thankfulness for what He is doing in all the hungry after His own heart….hope to meet you one day soon…..Evy

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