Telegraph – Beginnings of a return to religion in UK

Happy new year. Let’s start off right with a happy blog, some happy news! One of the largest papers in the UK the Telegraph has posted a positive report – that people are beginning in a small way to become hungry for christian community and that after years of decline something is changing. Reporter Peter Osborne reports

“Church attendances, in freefall for so long, have started to rise again, particularly in Britain’s capital city. Numbers on the electoral rolls are increasing by well over two per cent every year, while some churches have seen truly dramatic rises in numbers.”

I believe it-

“With the chill wind of austerity blowing through the country, religion’s warm embrace looks more and more inviting”

I think people are beginning to loose faith in the world systems and looking for something transcendent. The signs are everywhere. The protests, the uprisings, the uncovering of corruption and injustice, the financial shaking, the exposure, the riots. 

I drove up one of the Valleys of Wales this week and took in the sights, the views, the houses, the people. The sun broke through the gray clouds and lit up the landspace. I was overwhelmed with that cry for our land. I thought God how can we see all these people impacted? There are so many. Masses of people who have never heard young and old. How do you touch the untouchable? How do you enter into another person’s life? 

Then God spoke to me in the car. He said something quite profound. He said that it will be easy. Once the miracles begin to flow entire communities will turn in droves across the land. They will fill community buildings, gather together in homes, share the stories on the street. It takes less than you think to change a community. Once people see and hear they will turn just like Samaria (John 4:39-42 and  Acts 8:6-7). 

And the Media, and the internet have been set up to spread the fire… Jesus is going to be the talk of the nations.

Over these last years Papa has been intensifying the preparation of the ground. People are waiting. He has been overshadowing this land for years cultivating longing. Not one prayer over these last decades was wasted. The incense of prayer is continual even long after the people have died who prayed, those that prayed for this land are still heard in heaven. He sees, He hears, He cares, He responds. 

I am convinced more than ever of God’s good intentions. The nation is well ready. It is calling, waiting, watching… and so are we. He is coming and this time he’s coming to stay. Our prayer is stay in Wales Papa, stay in England, stay in Scotland, touch Europe. We dream big dreams, seemingly foolish dreams but somehow we know they are real. Faith is substance. 

With great expectations Justin Abraham

For more on the Daily Telegraph story click here

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