BLOG: My banner is mightier than the Sword!!

I’m in the USA right now. I can’t wait to tell you guys what’s I’ve seen and heard… more on this when I get home… important things are happening.

But right now I want to share an encouragement for you. It’s from the life of Joan of Arc of France. She said “My banner is mightier than the sword” – what she meant by that was her presence, her courage, her pressing forwards rallied the people. It was more than the sword they needed at the time they needed a hero, a symbol, someone who believed. Sometimes in the thick of battle she would surge forwards into the fight and the people who rally with her. She was only a teenager! But her courage was enough. It was enough to shape a nation and a generation and to effect generations that follow.

God is looking for heroes! People who have had enough of the status quo of their times. People who dare to believe. People young and old that will be a symbol of hope a symbol of courage. And do you know what? After what’s happened these last years in Wales I’ve realised it only takes a few to make a big difference. You can make that difference.

Challenging times demand a courageous response! The future is ours for the taking. I dare to believe it. I know we will see it. God still burns.

Gripped by heavenly insanity, Justin Abraham

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