*NEW Free Podcast online – John Scotland

NEW Podcast posted! Join Jean and John Scotland – two incredible people as they share some of Papa’s heart for our generation. These are guys who have really paid the price to see the Presence and Joy of Holy Spirit spread to shape the church. Facing some opposition and misunderstanding John Scotland has become a prophetic voice and a sign and wonder. His words, acts and songs carry hidden truths that the hungry eat producing life and healing! We’re sure you’ll love this Podcast. We will be posting the second session sometime in the future. Until then- we want you to know you are precious and you were made with purpose! So be brave and pursue your dreams, live life to the full, you are not alone! Blessings COBH

2 thoughts on “*NEW Free Podcast online – John Scotland

  • So glad Sir John was there and He moved in great authority for that area.

    Thanks Once again for making the podcast free for the rest of the body to agree with and share the Bless Sings.

    Jesus Love


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