Days of AWE and WONDER

Here’s a challenge for all of us – being born into a Western world we like answers, science, understanding, GREEK thinking. We like to tick the boxes and know what’s going on around us. Explain this – explain that… explain explain explain! What ever happened to being like a child, enjoying the magic and mystery? 

But the Bible says things like this –

“He (God) performs wonders than cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted!” Job 5:9

The truth is God bigger than our brains. He blows the grid.  He is wonder- FULL.  

“I am making an agreement with you. Before all your people I will do wonders NEVER before done in ANY nation of the world. The people who live among you will see how AWESOME is the work that I, the Lord will do for you!” Ex 34:10

He wants to startle and amaze us. Since when did church get so predictable and boring? 

But check out the NEW testament – his wonders don’t stop in the old testament.

“Everyone was filled with AWE and many WONDERS and MIRACULOUS SIGNS were done by the Apostles” Acts 2:42-44

EVERYONE was filled with awe. Filled with AWE. God doesn’t stop showing off his goodness! 

I like that word WONDERS!!! He he! I love it when Holy Spirit fries our minds and does unexpected, mind blowing things! Do you? Or are you a comfort seeker staying within what you know and can grasp?

In Acts 15:12 there is a fascinating gathering – Paul and Barnabas share in front of the crowds the stories from the road, the mission trip and what they saw and did. Wish I was there too. Bet it was one incredible meeting. But have you ever noticed what it actually says. It says they talked about the miracles and also the WONDERS. That word ‘wonders’ is TERAS from the word TERATOLOGY – which means the “Study of unexplainable phenomena”. So Paul and Barnabas came back sharing on unexplainable phenomena. 

I think we are moving into that era again – an era of “TERAS”. I believe we are in DAYS of AWE and WONDER and it’s only going to become more interesting, more mysterious, more provoking. If we want a GOD we can understand we’ve reduced him to the size of the human mind! I think He’s much bigger than that! Listen to Bill Johnson –

“Mystery should be a continual part of your life. You should always have more questions that answers… A relationship with God that does not stir up that realm of mystery and wonder is an inferior relationship” 

Wow! Papa Bill knows the stuff! I think we should embrace this truth. Make room for God to be himself and show off his style. He like to do that you know. He likes to be famous! 

I’ll never forget the first time I had silver dust on my hands. I was shocked. The first gem stone I saw- amazed. The first time Angels came and touched me- freaked! The first time God took me in the Spirit to another nation. Seeing my own body from the outside. The first time I felt supernatural winds. Seeing lights flashing and flying around the room. The first time God took me to heaven. 

I love it. I love the Gospel. I love that heaven comes down on earth. But that’s just the beginning. Rick Joyner says this –

“The Holy Spirit is about to move on the earth as He did in the beginning. He will take the chaos and confusion that are spreading across the earth & will bring forth the new creation right in the midst of it. You are about to enter the time when He will do WONDERS CONTINUALLY and the whole WORLD will be in AWE of his works. 

Signs and wonders are not going away. It’s going to get stranger and more fearful. Days of pure bliss and wonder.  Love it love it love it! Get ready to be stretched in 2012. A new era, a reformation has already begun. 

Justin Abraham COBH

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