Visible Glory Cloud hits news – Bethel USA

Incredible footage from Bethel Church Redding USA of a gold dust shimmering cloud of the Presence of God.

Here’s Bill Johnson talking about it…

Personally we are very excited and expectant.  This has caught the media’s attention in the UK and they have asked a Bethel UK student to talk about it on the radio.

Get ready for 2012. It’s looking to be a very significant year. Justin Abraham


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  1. pete lowe

    thanks for that guys.. feel so humbled to be living right now and to hear the degree of the beginnings of what the LORD IS ABOUT TO POUR OUT IN THIS GENERATION..

  2. Paula Driscoll

    Wow…I am awestruck. It looks like it is floating upward…or is that just an optical illusion? No matter which way it is moving…it is Supernatural and Glorious for sure. Praise Him. Such evidence that His ways are above our ways isn’t it? So “wonder”ful.

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