Europe’s Day: Germany

I met a man from Germany last year, and when we shook hands I unexpectedly went into a vision. I saw thousands of people moving like liquid across Europe, a movement of wild fire and glory, a convergence between nations, blurring national boundaries, like tides flowing in and out. I saw humble but powerful apostolic leaders who were parents making a way for the movement to flow. It was a powerful flow of people. Gatherings of thousands, then scattering to shape nations. People groups mixing together to expand Justice and Truth and the knowledge of God’s goodness. An unstoppable flow. 

I sincerely believe in the economic and international mess God has a great plan! Plans to prosper. 

So we are increasingly aware of Europe and holding it in our hearts. Over the next six months the COBH crew is in Germany twice and France twice. We are standing with the hungry to see the wild fires burning. We see a connection being formed a powerful family between the church in Spain, Germany, France the UK and beyond. A convergence of people that transcends borders. 

This month we travel to Germany. Our last adventure to Germany was one of the wildest trips yet. So we’re buzzed to be going back. The Germans are hungry. If you’d like to be a part of this, here’s the information from our hosts Rainer & Regina Frohms- 

“We are looking forward to have with us from the 11th to the 13th of November 2011 Justin Abraham and his team (Company of burning hearts) from Wales! They will minister as the Holy Spirit leads them in these 3 days and teach in this School of the Spirit and the mystic about the depth of love and the wisdom and the awesome wonder which are all hiddden in our Lord Jesus Christ. It´s time that these hidden things are to be revealed more and more for those who love Him! You are welcome to this weekend. Be ready for lifechanging encounters with Jesus and get equipped and released for more of Him! Fees for the conference: 70 euros. Address: Neue Wassermühle, An der Bergkette, 231655 Stadthagen. If you want to stay over night in the “Neue Wassermühle” there will be a cost of 40 euros for 2 nights (including breakfast and afternoon coofee or tea) Please register via email – Email:”

Would you like to join the adventure? Calling all mainlanders come and mix your DNA with the wild Welsh! Together we stand. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know it’s TIME! 

For those of you in the UK you may want to join us for SPIRIT SCHOOL this SUNDAY or JOHN SCOTLAND later in the month. Jump in. There’s never been a better time to get your surfboard out and ride the waves. 

In his bliss COBH TEAM 

(*We don’t think finances should ever block people coming to events so if you’re unable to pay towards the costs just come anyway. We honour faith and hunger and you are welcome to come along.)

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