Justin Paul & Rachel Abraham

Session 2: Ian Clayton FREE online today

Session 2 of the much anticipated COURTS & GOVERNMENT of HEAVEN conference is online today. Each day we’re adding a new session until the whole school is online. Spreading the love, fuelling the flame! Ian Clayton is a pure gem. We love him and honour him. Now going back. Drink it, enjoy it, live it. A new era has already begun!

CLICK here for PODOMATIC website, or listen in the Media Player on the right hand side of our website. Or the easiest and simplest way to get COBH podcasts is to subscribe through iTunes for free. They will then update automatically into iTunes when you open it up. The link for iTunes is on the right side further down the page. It’s all a bit technical but once it’s done you’re running!

Be blessed COBH team

2 responses

  1. Cindy Cay

    Thanks to the COBH for posting the Courts and Government of Heaven conference online. During the second session Ian apparently does some diagramming as he explains the levels of the heavens, etc. Is there some way of seeing these? I would truly appreciate that, as would most visual people. Thanks,

    November 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm

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