Here we go! FREE Ian Clayton School!!

Starting today – a week of extra special goodies for you!

Yes the eagerly awaited COURTS & GOVERNMENT of HEAVEN school it’s going online in full FREE this week. We are spreading the school to all of our online friends. This is going to stretch you, excited you, challenge you.

Session (1) is online today with an overview of the realms of the Kingdom and defining some of the terminology of the Heavenly realms and the world around us. Session (2) is coming tomorrow! A week of great COBH Podcasts coming at ya! Great stuff! Blessings COBH team

5 thoughts on “Here we go! FREE Ian Clayton School!!

  • It’s oh, so exciting that since you have “freely received” you’re going to “freely give”. Really looking forward to hearing what’s being given.

  • I’ve only recently discovered your website – thank you so much for the free podcasts. I’m hungry to experience more of God – are any of you coming to Bristol in the near future? When and where do you meet in Cardiff? What would be a good time for me to join one of your meetings?

  • Thank you! We’re a small group in Vancouver, Canada that watches whatever Ian Clayton /Grant Mahoney /Robert Henderson teachings we can find on YouTube. It’s been so frustrating to get only the end of a conference–or the beginning–and have no sequential materials. A school like yours sounds wonderful!

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