DREAM: SURGE together – keep going!

I’ve been dreaming a lot recently. In one dream we were in a thick battle. It was war and everyone was engaged.

The viewpoint panned out  like in a movie and I saw an arial view of the fight. I saw we were reaching the peak of two joined mountains and the reason the battle was so hard was because the enemy was running out of space to fight. They were cornered and the victory was in grasp. We were near the top. If you’re in the thick of it be encouraged – it’s because your at the door of victory!

I heard then heard in my dream the word SURGE. I knew Papa was speaking. Instantly I knew this was a time for everyone to pull together and move as one, and if we did the mountains were ours for the taking. The fight might seem hard but we could do it if we didn’t give in and moved forwards as a team. The goal was in reach.

I’ve looked up what SURGE means and it’s “A strong forward wave like movement’.

The message is true! Heaven is cheering you on. It’s our time to arise and shine. The mountains, the places of influence are in reach. We just need to surge together. Nobody will do it alone. It’s a team thing. A corporate day of breakthrough. Standing side by side in the battle. Don’t give up! Press on! You are called to make history, called to change the outcome of a generation.

I hope this encourages you and you find your tribe to fight with! Together we stand together we win!

Cheers Justin Abraham

2 thoughts on “DREAM: SURGE together – keep going!

  • Last night my daughter in law, her 3 children and me, nanny, were praying together, and the word we got was “Impetus”, and one of the children asked me what it meant, and i said a forward movement of some strength. To receive your email this morning is a great encouragment.Thank you

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