*NEW Podcast online: A brand new era

NEW Podcast online today – this is possible one of the most important messages we have released yet online. In this session Justin Abraham talks about the incredible challenge that signs & wonders have brought on the church, and how it has exposed many of the failings with our present celebrity orientated culture. But it’s also a message of great hope and joy that something entirely new is rising, a company of powerful ordinary unique people, pulling together in grace, full of honour and love who will be able to carry heaven on humble hearts. The Celebrity system is falling, the world facades are dropping, this is a new world- the world of heaven coming out and changing the spaces around us. It’s here and it’s beginning to shake the earth. Reckless love to the most lost and broken, messy love poured out on purpose, love that never fails and never gives us, love that doesn’t punish, love that points to the person who is Love. We hope you enjoy this and that it helps you become who you really are called to be- a powerful unique gift to this world. You are a blessing. Standing with you  COBH team

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