Vision of the Future

I had a glimpse of the future of the church…

The church had changed, really changed. This is what I saw:

A gathering where many different people were side by side in rapture and worship.

God had taken over and people were in the Cloud of his Presence. I saw no man at the Centre.

The atmosphere was charged with glory and wonder and joy. It was like the walls had gone.

Standing side by side were people with completely different visions and missions.

Everyone was covered in spiritual oil, the oil of unity that had removed the friction. Dripping with oil.

The people had moved beyond unity in vision or theology – it was a new kind of unity where people could be very very different. In fact I saw some people standing side by side were doing what in our time would be opposite visions to each other. But it didn’t matter anymore. There was a one-ness in the Oil of the One. Moved beyond unity as we’ve seen it.

Church had become a place of encounter and incredible ecstasy being caught up. I felt the glory. It was wonderful.

The people left and I saw each one was a leader in their own way- each one carried authority. Each one was influencing the people and world around them in their own unique way. Leading was something they did in the world. People were using their abilities outside to shape the culture. It wasn’t about ministry machines anymore or being seen in the meeting. The gathering had become a place of encounter. The world was the Parish!

The experience ended.

A new day is rising

Church culture is going to change. It has to change for what’s coming.

Bethel church teach that cultures where relationships are based solely on agreement of opinion need to change. This pressure to conform is what has caused the reformation churches to split a million times over. People stick with the people who agree with them and split when people think or act differently. In other words they like people who are like them. This system will end. Kris Volloton and Danny Silk have some incredible liberating messages on this subject. The future is a culture of honour where relationships transcend conformity, control and punishment. I don’t care how much ‘whack’ is on a person, if their personality robs me of being myself and demeans who I am it is not true freedom, no matter how much you tell me otherwise.

Someone once said “Freedom can be real only if it is freedom for those who think differently”. Well said! Think on that. Real freedom is when it applies to everyone not just the ones that think a certain way.

Since when did we all have to think the same anyway?

Much of what is now supposedly free is another different shaped box that eventually robs you of who you are. There is no room to be different and when you try to be the pressure to conform is incredible and punishment soon follows through mocking, removal of relationship or accusation. To deny this is to deny the reality of the situation.

Our culture has to change

We need liberation but not into another narrow definition of terms, behaviours and norms determined by the few who hold the microphones. True revolution liberates. Freedom is the absence of obstacles to the realisation of desires. That will look different for everyone and may not fit with our present understanding or paradigm. Greater space is needed for what’s rising. It’s massive. It is beyond one movement. It is every colour flowing like a glorious river. A sign to the nations.

Jesus will take centre stage eventually and as he does everything is going to change shape and fit around him and He is secure enough to handle you being you! He can handle difference just remember his disciples! What a crew! In fact he loves it. He created you so that no two people have the same DNA song. Even blades of grass and snowflakes are all different from one another. Crazy creativity! Papa loves it that way.

The clone factory is over! The punishment and mocking culture is going to end and something gloriously free is rising where you can be you and loved as you are whether you laugh or cry, are hungry or satisfied, fast or feast, pray or soak. God is big enough to handle it all. Dance. Colour. Sound.

So my heart this week is that of a song that says “keep looking…  keep looking… the new thing is coming. It moves through the walls and walks through the streets. An army of people looking like Jesus, no applause can be heard, no celebrities. The Empire is over.”

Empire is more than building a platform it is a system of control where one individual robs you of who you are. Papa is passionate about you being you. The Oil of Heaven is coming like we have never seen before. It’s going to take away the friction and bring people together. Standing side by side yet different. Many Tribes. One King.

Dreaming of a new era, Justin Abraham

12 thoughts on “Vision of the Future

  • Wow, what a great blog. I am so looking forward to that liberty and freedom! Having read culture of honour and heavy rain, I am totally with you on this subject! It’s for Your glory Lord!

  • Hi Justin

    Brilliant – a wonderful vision for the true real Church and Freedom for each unique person with Jesus in the centre. So, so encouraging.

    Bless you.


  • That was such a hugely inspiring vision and hope provider .
    I would be curious to know , in the context of Bethel, and the two guys you mention, if there was a difference of opinion on a theological issue, say like tithing, which led to a number of people expressing their disapproval of spending $7 million on a building, if relationships would be quite as intact. As Wayne Jacobsen recently wrote Institutions constantly fight over control doctrine and MONEY( my emphasis) . Simplicity of friendship seems to me to be the greatest place to birth a culture of honour .

    • Hi Jeremy good question. The CD series on culture of honour and also Loving your kids on purpose are really great on this subject. Basically it’s all based on how Papa treats us. Would he pull away from us if we made that mistake? Love never quits, never gives up. People give up. They pull away. Punish with the removal of relationship. This is changing through what Bethel are bringing. I believe it is part of the supernatural revolution. Thanks for your comments. Justin

  • A second comment on this Justin. I agree with not breaking relationship over differences of opinion on stuff. The problem often comes tho when people move on because of being called to another vision where perhaps they’ve matured into that or God releases/anoints them to do so. Sometimes the reaction that’s wrong may come from those who’ve known them before feeling insecure or defensive. It’s therefore not the choice of the original person to break relationship but it happens anyway. Your sentence about demeaning often applies here. It’s dishonouring not to release such a person and there’s a serious spiritual dynamic attached to that. Much real love, even unexpressed as it might be, is needed in that situation. J

    • Hi Jane, I agree. It’s a real difficult thing to go through. I hope we can learn to release and not be threatened by change. I sense things are going to become very fluid in the future and we need to be secure enough in Papa to handle that. Release and you will increase!

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