You are unique!

Did you know that your DNA is the coding of a unique one of a kind song? There really is no one like you. What an amazing life changing truth that your life is not a random event but a carefully and lovingly planned work of art. You were formed from above. You are not made in cookie factory to look, sound and act the same as everyone else. You were made to be different. You were made to shine.

I just want to encourage you dear friends to be true to who God has made you. The heroes of the faith were those who didn’t come under the slavery of men but lived from above. They were not moved by pleasing people but pleasing God. If you don’t fit in here- that’s fine. Heaven is your home and you fit in nicely there. Heaven is cheering you on shouting your name. You have a unique calling, a destiny book written by Papa’s hand that fits just for you. If you are becoming free stay free. Don’t cave into the pressure of even great people. You were born to sing! You were born to be you!

From the burning heart of Papa, Justin

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