Dream: Black Tidal Wave- Economic woes

In light of the extraordinary riots and social breakdown going on in London and around the UK in response to the economy, I want to share an URGENT word from a dream I had in July. The UK is in crisis and we mustn’t sleep through it.

Earlier in the year I send out a bulletin on the economy. It went widespread with a big response from our mailing list and contacts. I have been having visions about the current season since 2003. I saw a depression coming but also that community would be a key to lowering stress and overcoming the pressures. Community and friendship development are vital. Community-microeconomics, simpler society and living out of debt are priorities now for the future.

Following on from this in July, I had an impacting dream. The dream was deeply moving for me personally and played like a movie. Very graphic. Here’s the dream (remember it is all symbolic)


In my dream I saw a FAULT LINE out to sea. A weak spot in the earth that could trigger an earthquake. The Government decided to trigger the fault line. They exploded it with a bomb. I realise this sounds strange but I knew in the dream they wanted a small tidal wave to be released and this was connected to wanting more tax.

The EXPLOSION started a BLACK tidal wave. It looked horrible. The sky and sea were black and it rose up. I saw it all.

At night it struck the coastline. The wave came in vast and ugly with a roar. It swept in my dream a place called PORT TALBOT in South Wales away with devastating loss. I saw the damage. It was dark. Buildings and people destroyed.

It was the Governments fault. They wanted to punish and extract more tax – but it went too far – they didn’t mean it to have the impacts that it did. They had released a powerful destructive force.

The SCENCE I was watching changed suddenly. I was standing in the sun in the High Street. People were shopping and carrying on as normal. The contrast from the devastation and darkness I had seen was astonishing. I was amazed people were walking around as if nothing had happened. It felt surreal. I started telling them about what had happened that the Coast line had been devastated. It was shocking to me the apathy and lack of knowledge of events.


What was clear in the my dream that the economic woe was a MAN MADE DISASTER. I woke up thinking these words.

Port Talbot is a manufacturing hub. It has a power plant, steel, gasworks, industry. But also has 37% working in the public sector for the Government. I believe the Manufacturing industry which so far has weathered the woes is in grave danger. I know nothing about manufacturing economics but this is what I saw.

Ignorance- People who were outside the impact zone were oblivious and disconnected. This economic situation is effecting people deeply but for those that are not being impacted they are not seeing what is going on. This is a real disaster. The nation is rioting and we have a long way to go before this crisis is over. I saw in my visions things were still looking rough in 2013. Ignorance in this is not bliss. People are suffering.

I believe the Government’s approach is not solving the problem. I felt in this dream they pushed it all too hard. They wanted more tax. They were willing to punish to get it but it went too far.

I believe we need to wake up and see what’s going on. It’s a bleak time and just because you are shopping and enjoying life in some places doesn’t mean there isn’t a disaster going on. I remember my Dad telling me years ago that when he was in the middle of the Tsunami in Asia years ago- it went from terror to normality when they cleared the water and got beyond the impact region. But the disaster was still real, people still died.

Europe is hanging on an edge. What is the solution? I don’t know but I believe it’s time for us to engage. Church as we have known it is really over. We must begin to help (disciple) nations just like Jesus commanded us. I am sure one of the greatest works to come is seeing whole countries transformed. There is great hope. Our future is not about filling the local church with people but filling the world with heaven. We need heaven on earth just like Jesus said. This needs a change of priority & focus.

I’m interested to hear what you guys are seeing and also how you feel we can respond. I do not see myself as an expert in any of these things and I see only a small part filtered through my cultural worldview. I understand little. But what I do know is that heaven is WARNING us. Time to pray wisdom for the Government. It needs our help – whatever that might look like. I think we’ve wasted enough time in the protestant church with debate and factions. We’ve got a job to do. People need us. Engaging heaven for Wisdom and formation & deepening of Community is essential.

Submitted in love Justin Abraham

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