New Dimensions *Ian Clayton

Seriously if you only get out to one thing this summer – you’ve got hear Ian Clayton. It’s not just the words, it’s the realm of reality that opens up around him. He is a true pioneer of walking like Enoch. Head in the heavens. Body firmly planted on earth.

We were just with Ian in Scotland and I have to say it far exceeded my expectations. Heaven wide open. 12-13th of August – two days of your spirit being expanded and your eyes being opened into a brand new multi-dimensional world.

Gate Art Centre, Roath, Cardiff – for only  £15 a day registration (optional amount)

Also with radical missionary Michele Perry – a one legged glory ball! Michele has 120 kids in Sudan and lives on the frontier of the wild wild border with North Sudan. Living in the face of guns, intimidation and the needs of the people, she is pulling heaven to earth with love. Michele will be sharing a session a day at the gatherings.

With Glory Company Band, Janine John, and Justin & Rachel Abraham & the wildfire team this is going to rock!

Blessings, Justin Abraham

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