Blog: The Great Convergence

I think something significant is taking place. It’s hidden from sight. It’s not being shouted from the root tops, but still it’s very supernatural and wonder-full. I call it the Great Convergence.

The dictionary defines Convergence as:

  1. The process of coming together
  2. Having come together toward a common point
  3.  The coordinated turning of the eyes inward to focus

We are converging, coming together, coming into focus! No point resisting it!

“There is a great fitting together [a convergence] going on in the Spirit now, and it will increase on all levels… This is the Lord’s doing… As the walls come down the entire body will begin flowing together. If the Leaders resist this move the Lord will continue it through the congregations. These will begin to relate to other members of the body of Christ & their bonds will grow stronger regardless of the opposition from resistant pastors. This is a move of the Spirit that cannot be stopped.” Rick Joyner

Different unique flows & rivers converging together into a turbulent, powerful, bubbly, fast flow of water. A cross pollination of tribes producing new healthy DNA. Expanding our hearts together side by side to walk in heaven & hug the dirty world.

Believing believers who have been through times of being broken and smashed. Who know what it’s like to hurt and be rejected. To the point that they have laid down their agendas and empires and become nothing. Those who are willing to go lower to kiss the earth in its brokenness, servants of all. Those that have chosen not to be offended anymore despite the constant temptation. Those who have given up the right to always be right!

These are being compelled to connect and find each other out. Papa is clustering his people together like grapes, juicy grapes. The hidden ones are coming out of the caves finding they are not alone anymore.

Rick Joyner continues in his book “The Harvest”

“The growing tide of unity in the church will ultimately reveal the true nature of everyone in spiritual leadership. Those who have building for themselves and their reputations will be threatened by this move because it is beyond their control. Those with a “control spirit” will continually be the greatest threat to the true move of God. Those who have been truly ordained by God, and not just an institution, will become increasingly determined to give up “control|” over their people and circumstances, deferring to the Holy Spirit. The “control” they relinquish will be replaced by a spiritual authority grounded in the peace & rest of God. What is coming is beyond any man’s ability to control.”

The numerous storms (and they are coming stronger soon) will push us to become connected again. Old issues will seem insignificant as we face the challenges of the coming economic, social and environmental turbulence. We will realise more unites us that divides us and the issues we fought over in past seasons, our pet doctrines and narrow theology will suddenly seem irrelevant compared to the massive move of harvest, challenges and shaking that will be upon us.

I am hearing from Jesus the words “Forced Change”. Change is going to forced on us by external and internal pressures but it is going to produce the greatest revelation of the glory the world has ever seen. We will literally see through a new generation, the fulfilment of Isaiah 61: “They’ll rebuild the old ruins, raise a new city out of the wreckage. They’ll start over on the ruined cities, take the rubble left behind and make it new.” People will literally become apostolic city & nation builders. Shaping the landscape. Establishing Right-ness and Justice, Peace & Joy. Loving on purpose (even if that is so costly you die in the offering).

It’s Europe’s Day and the call is going out. It’s time!

In his overflowing bliss, Justin Abraham

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