Guest Blog: Michele Perry ‘Gift of Hunger’

Michele Perry is a joyful love revolutionary and a good friend! Living in the extreme world of Sudan Africa she is building with her team a community, a safe place for an ever growing family of kids needing a loving home.

“Hunger is not evidence of experiencing a diminished reality in the spirit but rather an increased capacity longing for more” ♥ Michele Perry

I am convinced.

Hunger is a gift.  And it is a gift to be guarded.

One thing I notice on my travels west is how much everything fights against this reality.  We are encouraged to numb it, tame it, ignore it, run from it, deny it, rebuke it… do everyth
ing but embrace it and cherish it for the incredible gift that it is.  The one thing I have to fight the hardest to keep alive and growing inside of me when I am back in the West is this gift of hunger.  And make no mistake: it is a love gift, a pure grace from Jesus.

There are some voices encouraging us to embrace grace at the expense of spiritual hunger.  Perhaps it is just their vernacular.  Please, allow me to clarify.   I am not talking about striving, make it happen works- that is performance not hunger.  I am talking about the lovesick longing for MORE of the one Who is infinite and eternal yet manifest and present in my now.

If I say I have ALL of God, well folks He must be pretty small.  I have yet to walk through walls, fly, walk on water or do some of even the basics Jesus did when He walked the earth.  But then again I DO have ALL of Him, it will simply take an eternity in Him to discover the ALL I have now!  It is not either-or: it is both-and-more!

Hunger is not evidence of a diminished reality of God’s Presence in my life.  I.e I do not ascribe to the theory I have to “leak” unless I do so intentionally.  It is rather evidence of an increased capacity where Papa has reached down and enlarged my heart to contain more of His.  The differential between what I have and what I now have room for is experienced as hunger for Him.

Hunger is what propels us onward in God.  So here I am full satisfied in what I have but ever yet voraciously longing for more.  It is my goal to be the hungriest person on the planet.  Because I know hunger compels a response from heaven.

So what about you dear reader, what fights against YOUR hunger for more?  What do you do to guard this gift from heaven?

Michele Perry

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