Unusual Angelic Presence in Godalming UK

Our team just hit Godalming England for three days before jetting off to Germany hosted by Jonathan Ely of Spirit Body Soul. Grassroots people gathering in a converted barn in the beautiful English countryside to pull on a new future for the region.

We are used to the joy and the party and there was lots of it at this event, but at times these gatherings also touched something very different, something we’ve been pulling for in Cardiff also- A holy awe that we’ve been sensing is coming for some time. Deep breakers washing over us shaking us to the core.

There was was one specific angelic being present that was eminating the glory of God. At times you could sense that new dimension we are seeking pressing down on us. Realms that bring awe and wonder. Something we have been longing for. Something we have not seen. Here’s one persons encounter –

“Great message last night, got totally taken out – angel wearing armour had his foot on my back, standing guard over true destiny. Felt he’s with you too, guarding your calling and also being assigned to those who hear, respond and are swept in. Saw that more and more are going to get pinned under his presence and receive divine commissioning to embrace obscurity and hiddenness… like a sausage on a coctail stick! It was truly deep last night, flooded into and fueled my heartcry to stay low.” Emma Joy

We also hit the streets. Part of the fun is touching people outside church who have never seen who have never heard. The love of God overmasters us and leaves us no choice but to go. Jesus is walking through the cities and streets of these islands & we’re following him! Love slaves spilling out extravagent his love on a lost generation.

We are massively expectant about the next time we return & seeing what takes place across the region through the new emerging ministires and hubs. It’s stirring.

Europe’s Day is rising.

Justin Abraham

One thought on “Unusual Angelic Presence in Godalming UK

  • There was a huge weight of the glory of heaven’s presence on the last night of the Godalming meeting. It weighed me down. Like the spear, it touched my entrails and burned me. I hardly knew what was happening. As the weight touched me something was released. I understand now what the phrase ‘heavy water’ means. It was so thick and deep – overwhelming me and my body. Changed me. Hmmmm.

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