Spiritual Hunger

“Hunger for God is one of the greatest signs of life a person can have. It reveals an inner awareness of a greater destiny” Bill Johnson

Today I am writing from the heart once more. Today I want to discuss supernatural hunger. That ache that blissful longing that Jesus puts right in the core of you’re heart.

Hunger is Supernatural Bliss

I value hunger. It’s one of the greatest motivating forces you can ever have. When people get hungry watch out!  Something is going to happen. Hunger is a gift. It is something God does inside of you to create tension and faith to pull on the unseen realm until it become a reality in you and around you.

When we take away hunger from people – when we satisfy people’s hunger often times we take away the motivation God was using to make them move forwards” Kris Vallotton.

When I was a new Christian I encountered God night after night in my bedroom. It was a season that lasted a year where I wept at his feet with joy for hours at a time. During that time I kept crying out “Make me hungry Lord, make me hungry!” I remember hearing myself pray this and thinking “Why am I saying this?”. It was a Holy Spirit led prayer. He was burying something deep inside me that gripped me for the rest of my life. I later realised what had happened. He supernaturally put a desire in me that would never be satisfied. A desire for Him that motivated me to pray day after day, and to seek Him and engage with Him. It was a supernatural fuel to the fire. Even today in a day of encounter and bliss and joy, I find I am still hungry and daring to believe there is so much more coming in our time. I have realised like Bobby Conner’s says “He is the one feeding the dissatisfaction.” He is stirring something deep inside of us. Longing. It’s a bliss.

John Piper believes that longing and hunger is a part of the circle of bliss and is part of our lives as Christians. He writes-

“The Bible teaches us to desire God and to have joy in God, or delight in God. It illustrates both. Godly people are seen longing, hungering, thirsting  and fainting for God. They are also seen enjoying, delighting in, and being satisfied in God.” John Piper

This is a wonderful paradox. A wonderful mystery. Being found yet wanting. Being complete yet desiring greater depths. It is a mystery that man would rather sweep under the carpet but to the mystics it was the world they lived in. French mystic Jean Guyon said she tasted such a sweet and powerful wine in the heavens that it consumed her with desire for more. There is a drink that satisfies but also makes you thirst. John Piper says that even int he age to come we will still be desiring and longing for more but it will no longer be subject to frustration. We will forever be exploring Christ.

Heaven responds to hunger

I believe God is stirring such hunger in out generation. People travel from all over the UK to gatherings where God is moving. People are connecting, seeking, looking for something that is real. God is the One doing it!

One of my heroes John G Lake saw God move in extraordinary power in his generation. He was hungry! He had the type of hunger we need. He cried out for nine months for miracle working power. He was already seeing the ‘stuff’ but it wasn’t enough. One day he was struck with what he called the lightnings of God. From that time on raw power went through him and in a short time the world was feeling its impacts. He left a mark on history. Very few have come close to the raw power he walked in. He said it was a result of spiritual hunger. He said “one thing matured in my heart, a real hunger”

In his biography he writes this –

“God’s purpose come to pass when your heart and mine get the real God-cry and the real God-prayer comes into our spirit, and the real God-yearning gets a hold of our nature. Something is going to happen then.”

I like that. There is a ‘God-cry’ that is a gift. It is supernatural. It is not self-effort. It is Spirit inspired. It is a wonder!

I believe God is stirring up hunger even in our bliss and satisfaction with Jesus. His work on the cross is finished and we walk from that rest. But our work here has only just begun. He wants to work through us to do the good works He has prepared in advance for us to do. He is feeding the hunger. He is calling us into new dimensions of experience and encounter. This is a truly amazing day to be alive.

RICK JOYNER says there is an incredible promise on our generation:

“There is a door standing open in heaven, and there is an invitation for us to go through it. Those who answer this call will be caught up into the Spirit, with the result that they will always be seeing the One who sits on the throne. This is the ultimate purpose of all true prophetic revelation- seeing the glorious, risen Christ and the authority that He now has over all.

He continues “Never has the Lord been as personal & intimate with His people as He will be in these days. Believers will be in awe continually wondering each day what great new things they will see.”

Don’t you want that? Blessed are the hungry for they shall be filled (over and over again).

In His bliss Justin Abraham

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Hunger

  • pearl and i have been experiencing this very hunger for 2 years now and increased this past weekend. Papa have permission to leave our leadership at church for freedom to feed this hunger. God is birthing mighty things by His power over this hunger. Praise God for His indescribable riches that never cease. This hunger can only be filled with more revvy of Him and His Glory.

  • Hey bro 🙂 Wow once again ‘On The Money’.

    This is so where I am right now, superb, you have the most amazing gift of putting on paper and conveying your inner most thoughts.

    Thanks man, Matt

  • wow thank you so much for the spot on word as i just was not understanding what was happening to me past few days since sunday after hearing the message on black cloud by Ian clayton if not mistaken …i am just going crazy the thought of meeting my Papa God face to face, my whole being is just longing for Him.. i feel so hungry and a cry within i just want more.. and you have explained it so well its the Holy spirit hunger..wow…thank you so much i just cant rest until i meet face to face with heavenly Daddy.. i feel at this moment like the lady in songs of solomon looking out for her lover at night i feel i just cant rest until i meet with my lover!

    thanks again

    God bless

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