Response to Two Pathways

Many of you are posting on Facebook, email and on the blog comments responses to the unknown path and the two pathway blogs. We’d like to share with you one of the responses – it’s a poem by a friend of ours with IRIS Ministries Sudan Michele Perry. She lives life on the edge close to a war zone looking after kids living in raw faith. She is a Jesus Freak. Here’s what she sent us –

The unknown trail


i peered ahead
the path was worn,
well traveled
its journey full of ups and downs,
winding round upon itself
but still assured somehow
of a certain destination

i looked down that worn road,
its path solid under my feet,
but it was not mine to take.

hidden in the underbrush,
there was another trail.
only one set of footprints
blazed its course.
it called for me to come
aside, come away, come up
higher along an unknown

where the unknown trail
split from the worn road
the one whose steps had
made this way was waiting.
i was not to journey alone.

he had carved this trail long ago
footprints left from when
he had walked on time before.

i stole one glance at the worn road
i was leaving behind
for the underbrush, the unknown.
i didn’t envy those other travelers at all.
their path may be well defined
by the steady stream of people on it,
but they are alone among them.

at the end of the journey,
it will be the narrow way,
established in the heart of God,
and traveled by those who do not love their lives
too much to loose them…
it will be that unknown path,
with only one set of footprints
that will lead kingdom seekers

–michele perry 1995

We need to see the real deal released again. Something beyond empire, celebrity, hype, programs, walls and man pleasing. Something beyond the suffocating stench of religious containment. It is a dangerous path and costly but the outcome will be beyond our imagination.

Yours in the hope of Papa’s BIG Dream. Justin

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