Martin Scott insights on 2011

Martin Scott is a father to this wildfire movement and the emerging generation. His words cut against what has been – to shape what will be. I admire and respect him very much. He is an inspiration.

Martin Scott – Reflections from 2011 & for 2011

2010 has been a big year for us with dreams that have shaped a lot of our perspectives. Many of these have been personal, a number have been for insights as we pray, but some have been very shaping for our understanding of where things are at and where we are headed. So I will use those as a jumping off point for the coming year.The decade of rebalancingThe year began with a dream that indicated we have entered a decade of major rebalancing. Currently the people of Europe and North America still produce two-thirds of the world’s GDP, but this is changing. We will live through such major changes in our life-time. The world will look so different in 10 years time – and in 20!!

Although I think finances / economy is a major spiritual battleground it is the state of the church in the world that is key. I am convinced we are at the end of the christendom era and are finally seeing the fruit of it. This is not the work of the devil (to marginalise faith and the claims of Jesus in the public arena most certainly is something demonic, but not the weakening of a wrongly empowered church) but I see it as the hand of God and as a response to cries for God’s reality and power. We are at the beginning of what I believe will be the most challenging era where we learn to live with paradoxes of suffering / persecution and favour / visible breakthroughs. Hebrews 11 faith.

However, finances cannot be ignored and there is a significant movement from west to east. Much of the West is increasingly becoming indebted (financially) to the East, and to whom you are indebted inevitably produces with it a slavery. Conflict and rebuke is coming in 2011 from east to west. It is inevitable that there is a shift of dominance – when money is the driving factor slavery is the result. There is a also a shift from north to south globally.

This slavery is something that is going to challenge western Christianity to the core. Throughout Scripture the two-fold challenge is to do with ‘God as Provider and as Protector’. I see the current challenge being that of Provision. Will God provide? Not providing for what we want, but for what we need to fulfil his will.

Freedom – true freedom is the call of the NT. And is the call from creation.

So breaking slavery is huge. Living as free in a slavery society is the challenge before us.

  • So 2011 will see a greater level of rebalancing than most of the years in the earlier part of this decade. However, there will be the feeling of balance restored by the end of 2011. This though is not the balance the Lord is bringing but the status quo. Things will seem OK, back to normal. For those who passionately believe in the need for rebalancing do not be discouraged. The pendulum will swing again and again this decade. Even when it appears to move back to the centre there is a shift that is taking place.

2011 – a year of huge swings and polarisation. Will things get out of control but there will be a pulling back to ‘normal’ by the end of the year.

This brings me to another significant dream.

The façades are opening

In that dream the structures swung back into place. More and more exposures this year, and with it an increasing instability. In the financial realm partnerships to shore up currencies… but the persistent movement will push toward foundations that are wrong being uncovered. The political alliances that will be called for will be to try to make sure things return to stability, to normal. But this cannot last. Do not pin our hopes on political alliances. Heaven is where shifts come from – not no. 10, the white house, or the Vatican.

Italy is a sign – I tie this to a ‘flying’ dream that Gayle had and to the dream concerning facades. Italy stands at this time as a place of convergence. We must expect deep scandal/shock here and then recovery. This is not an anti-RC or establishment comment, but the Vatican as well as the national government are the two elements that will be impacted. [Gayle’s dream indicated Italy – Rome – the Vatican… to free Italy it began in the Vatican.]

The era of the entreprenuer is here in every realm, but the pull to the familiar is what will keep everything in place. Unlikely heroes are being called for, not the normal superstars. What we have to war against is the familiar, the known coming knocking on our door. The purpose is to stir the memory but the effects will be to lock us in an old pattern.

  • The power of memory that pulls to the familiar will be a huge battleground.

It will be vital in this next year that cracks appear that declare the ‘buildings’ unsafe. And the huge call on believers is not to retreat to a place of safety trough fear of the unknown. I anticipate a number of established buildings being declared unsafe for the public as a sign. Retreat to the familiar position is a major enemy to be overcome.

Europe and ice and…

These past weeks have again reminded me of the vision of Europe under a blanket of ice, and of the USA and the bleeding that was taking place into the gulf. I wrote ‘and I expect some signs in the water this year around the USA’. The aerial photos of the gulf disaster looked just like a bleeding taking place.

I am sure what we have seen is a sign of what is happening spiritually. So I say come on Europe and child of Europe.

In that same vision the nations of China and India featured. China with huge earth shakings – I am sure this is to do with major upheavals at a ‘people’ level; and India with a furnace burning underneath it. So I see both China and India becoming major news components in the coming year. Weeks when they will dominate the news.

  • 2011, a year of great transition. A year of clearing out old comforts

  • Not a year to be trapped. A year of stripping back to make sure we know what we know. Not a year when we need to have the answers, but we have to be able to answer the question of what is it that I am to do. Specialisation, making sure we do what we are to do is in this season.

How do we walk in this year? With a listening ear… A lot of listening so that we can hear the Lord speak into the ‘what, why, and where’ type of questions.

What is going on? Insights into the shifts that are taking place can be ours. If we do not quickly try to shore things up emotionally. Protectionism at a global / national and personal level is a manifestation of fear. If we deal with the fear we will begin to hear what is going on. Protectionism will be challenged this year.

Why does this have to take place? We will see that there is movement of rebalancing taking place.

Where are we to invest our energies and time? A listening ear is necessary.

An optimist by nature I look forward to 2011. An optimist because of an empty tomb and an upper room.

Martin Scott

That’s it for this blog. So much going on. Keep in touch.

Blessings, Justin Abraham

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