Craving for a different culture…

Blogs are a way to spill your soul…

Here we go again…

The future belongs to the courageous! To get to where we’re going we have to embrace change. Sometimes that change costs us more than we expected and the transition is more painful than we had hoped for. But the new future is worth it. To stay the same is to fail.

The world is going through many contractions birthing a new spiritual era. There is so much new revelation coming. New paradigms new encounters. We’re moving from understanding church to understanding the mountains of influence in the world such as Government, Finance, Education, Arts, Family and more. We have a long way to go yet but eventually we will see and know what is means to make disciples of nations – where whole nations come under the culture of heaven and we bring the joy, love, peace and council of heaven to the earth. Nations transformed and healed to transform other nations.

But one thing I am craving right now… craving in a deep and painful way is for a cultural change to support this new supernatural era – a culture of honor.

You see we can have a lot of glory on our lives, get whacked, walk in miracles and have encounters but still be missing fundamental understanding of how to relate to people and talk about people in a way that releases their dignity and potential. Especially if their theology or practise is different from what we enjoy.

But the question is how does God see people & how does he treat them?

Something is still missing from our DNA… something really important…

Out of the many voices that are speaking different conflicting messages right now I hear something that resonates profoundly being said by Danny Silk, Kris Valloton and Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding California. They as a group of people are modelling (and teaching) a culture of honor. They live it and show it with such integrity and love. It’s reckless!

Here’s Danny Silk sharing some of his stuff…

We need this culture.  Love kept ON!! No OFF switch! No pulling back!

In essence a culture of honor is a love culture where you love on purpose.

A culture of honor is based on inner nobility & generosity not poverty. It is a culture that releases freedom to make mistakes and be creative. It is an honest culture. It embraces risky relationships. It removes the fear of punishment when things go wrong by not backing off or rejecting. It pulls the best out of you. It celebrates the success of others (breaking from the ‘our ministry is the most important in the world’ mindset that is widespread currently). It takes bullets for people when they are in the firing line of persecution and unpopular. It doesn’t turn everyone into a monotone black or white color but releases a rainbow of different expressions. It doesn’t quench your personality. It is a culture that makes people feel powerful. Clothes you with value and dignity.

When you think about it that’s just how Papa God treats us and Jesus treated his disciples. He makes us powerful and trusts us with incredible responsibility. He never gives up on us no matter how many mistakes we make. Never stops reaching out to us or thinking well of us. Loves us enough to give us personal freedom. Doesn’t punish our mistakes since Jesus satisfied fully the punishment required of sin. Papa loves us enough to chase us down when we pull away.  Papa lives honor.  Papa honored us so much he gave his only son in our place. He was willing for Jesus to be undignified to clothe us with dignity, beaten to heal our wounds, left alone so that we would never be forsaken.

Papa doesn’t push you away but PULLS you into his burning heart. He honors because he is honor. He loves because he is love. Love never quits.

My hope and prayer is that in 2011 these things will go deeper into our hearts – my heart – beyond truths into embodiment. And that the burning heart of Papa would melt us until we look like him, sound like him and walk like him. possessed by love. Love leaving us no choice. Costly love given on purpose.

Sometimes that hurts… but I’m beginning to realise that that’s okay too… we are being dignified by the dignity of the gospel and that means we embrace death as well as life. Our theology must be big enough for it all.

Hope my blog today makes sense to somebody. Just glad to have space to splurge my mind. The words are limited but the vision of Papa is massive.

Bless you Justin Abraham

(For more on Bill Johnson and the Bethel team visit

4 thoughts on “Craving for a different culture…

  • Love love love this. I’m being shown so much of how I am NOT wlaking in this. S’painful but it’s got to go. I know that so much of what I do is about fear of rejection and how I reject to punish – yikes. I guess the first step to change is recognising though :0) Blessings on you and your

    • So hungry for more of this, recognising where we are at and loving us anyway. We desperately need this love revolution to cast out ALL our fears, the little ones we dont realise we have and the painful destructive ones that rise up when we dont expect them and replace them completely with the deep, deep love of God. Love, blessings and especially honour to you and your family for going against the tide of indifference, for keeping on, keeping on.

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