Invisible becoming visible

Jesus is going to be FAMOUS worldwide!

Technology is enabling the church to record the activity of heaven like no generation before us – heavenly jewels, glory clouds, gold dust, joy breakouts, angelic activity, miracles are all being caught on camera for the world to see. It’s a God plan to make Jesus famous through all the earth. Remember what the prophet Joel said there would be signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth. This isn’t a day where Papa is being hidden but he is jumping out from hiding saying a big warm “Hello!” to the hungry God seekers. Over the coming years heaven is going to be come more and more evident. There’s no pulling this thing back. We’re heading to a massive harvest of lost souls who are going to come in waves to the loving arms of grace. This truly is the day Isaiah spoke of emerging where he said to us to “Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the rises upon you… and will be SEEN upon you!” There’s no hiding the kind of glory that’s coming. Eventually the knowledge of the glory will cover the whole world and touch everything to some dimension (Hab 2:14). Like Joel said God is going to POUR out his Spirit. This isn’t going to be a little drop. It’s a deluge of heaven invading earth. The media are going to love it!

Jesus isn’t coming back for a feeble sick Bride but a supernatural army of Lovers who are filled and flooded with Papa’s burning heart showing signs and wonders. The best days are here and truly yet to come. We go from glory to glory and the most powerful outbreaks and invasions of heaven are yet to come. You won’t want to close you’re eyes as we rocket into 2011. This decade is going to explosive. Strap yourselves in! We’re in for the ride of our lives…

Here’s some fun supernatural videos for you to enjoy today!

Josh Mills covered in visible glory dust

Jeff Jansen rebukes a Tornado

Angels join in with the worship (this is the real deal)

Something great is happening!! Don’t miss it!

Riding on Papa’s waves Justin & Rachel

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