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Little bit of heaven on the earth…
“I saw a vision of people hanging out together that didn’t have much money but they were enjoying themselves and being with each other. They couldn’t afford a Starbucks but they were sure laughing.” Justin Abraham
Some of the present events on the earth such as the credit crunch and other financial uncertanties, rumours of terrorism and so on produce great stress and anxiety in people. It’s hard to cope with it alone.
The good news is that God has a brilliant plan! He is releasing part of the solution through the formation of community hubs. It is a scientific fact that friendships and family reduce stress and anxiety and prolong life (despite what the press may suggest). The truth is – you need other people to get to where you are going and even to survive. You cannot and will not get there alone. People and friends will be key for you now and even more so in the future.

Jesus is releasing again communities that share and care and feed and clothe one another. People will feel drawn to spend time together even live together. It is the beginning in the West of what we see in Acts where they met in each others homes with gladness and sincerity of heart having everything in common.

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:42-47

As the world shakes – Jesus community is going to get stronger and brighter until many will come to Papa through his people.

So invest in relationships with heart connections – make time and space this Christmas and into 2011. Invite people over. Hang out. It will pay better dividends than shares and make you a lot happier! Get over your hang ups and love it! You’ll be glad you did! You’re future depends on it.
Lots of love Justin Abraham

(*Spirit School is on this coming Saturday at 7pm for those of you who want to connect to the Welshies! Gate Art Centre, Keepoch Street Cardiff. Make some noise and go a whole lot deeper into Papa’s creamy heart!)

7 thoughts on “Community hubs

  • Yes I totally agree. We have been so blessed with LARGE 4 BEDROOM house that comes with the job! I have been all last week looking for more beds on ‘Craigs List’ if youlive in the USA you will know what this is!!! I have been saying to my husband all last week and sending him pictures of beds and sofas… He said. What we going to have a house like a furniture show room. Ive been saying “but we need another sofa set in this room, we are going to have people coming to meetings soon and they are not going to be going home. We need to be ready.

    Well last night it happened, -9C degrees roads blocked and frozen, power outages out over the city, we had 4 people needing beds at out house. This just confirms my sense of a practice run… how easy was it to suddenly have a deluge of people staying. It was fun adn we are ready for this new way of moving, building relationship and connecting… it is real and necessary for us to be available.

    We also went to the NW Healing Explosion meetings on Saturday and Sunday evening, in Port Orchard and Tacoma, to hear Georgian Banov and Randy Clark (we missed Bill Johnson Monday 😦 snowed in lol. There were 66 healings announced ‘with raised hands check’ by the time we had left – metal plate injuries: healed, Smashed Knees: healed and fully functional,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Healed. Georgian was declaring at the meeting the same as happened in Spokane, (Eastern W.A.) where the healing rooms originated, would be for The whole of the state cancer free and a healing hotspot.

    At times it was difficult to stand under the waves of the Presense of God as they washed over us at the meeting. The state is marked out for something amazing.

    Community Hubs

    The Welsh Sport Council used to run a work shop called “The Club as Hub’ which all the Disability Sport Officers had to do for national training afew years ago.

    When we did that then, I thought to myself, it will be like that for the body of Christ. Their vision – Not one rugby club trying to raise the best players from their local club, but one large venue to host all sports in a town, like football, rugby, hockey, netball under one roof and then have regional ‘Centres of Excellence’to develop those who want to pursue their talent and gifting to another level. These are now springing.

    So it will be in the body of Christ there will be more and more regional ‘apostolic sending centres’ where those from local church will also come together and move as a city or a region. One such centre will be in Newport, South East Wales… for sure 🙂

    Fired up and ready to go!

    Silverdale, WA

    Claire Lampan

  • I couldn’t agree more. The church where we became christians was founded on Acts and everyone really did share everything with each other. If you needed a car or your house painting or kit for a new baby someone would supply it. We used to see the same clothes on child after child as they were passed around! When we had Joshua the church gave us everything – I didn’t buy him anything at all! And some of them came over and painted his bedroom ready for him and mowed the lawn! Apart from this we loved one another and now 27 years on we still see each other and have re-unions!
    We have just come back from visiting a friend who lives in Pakistan and is taining up an army of prayer warriors – it was great and we got to pray with many. It sure is a hard life out there. While I was out there I read Benni Johnson’s book The Happy Intercessor – it was such a thrill to read my own experiences in print! It’s good to have someone tell of their own experiences in prayer and intercession to others so that they don’t feel that they are the only one who experiences these things! Haven’t been able to get to the Gate for ages – hope I will make it tomorrow,
    Love Penny

  • I just have a question: I admire the spirit of giving one to another thats love in action. My question is how will this be paid for? Sorry if that sounds matrialistic BUT someone will have to pay for this….do people have jobs or what? Will all work to take care of one another?

    • Good question Burt… I think people will work and some will be very blessed financially. We are meant to disciple nations and that involves wealth management. The key thing is that people will be drawn together and will help each other and enjoy being together. Especially during hard times. Friendship is the key. Friends love to help each other. It’s a love revolution that only Papa can do. Jesus prayed that we would be one even as He is one with Daddy. One day that prayer will be completely fulfilled. We lean into that day and ask God to accelerate the times. Eventually Isaiah said the nations will be drawn to the brightness of that day. Cheers Justin

  • i liked what justin shared i done a few dangerous prayer requests for christmas i asked for prayer for old and new friends too visit this christmas although i,m married with two young adults as children and of course my wife.but i,m also a solitary type person so why have people too come.god must be doing something new.if you really want something different trying praying ephesians 4 verse 11 say lord send apostles,prophets,evangelists.pastors and teachers.wait here some more don,t forget poest,artists,musicians and could be like noah eh man i got an elephant comeing for breakfast.all things are possible.this is not mocking the possibility is there although i added humour.who ever reads this bless you hope it helps,

  • it was it 12 45 am wait whats that i feel a presece around me so beautiful,so unexspected who are you my friend i said.but no words came back .still that gentle touch.lord i asked for visitors this christmas .yes my child i know came the reply.
    your praye son was answered you were TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL.

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