Hidden Mystics

BLOG: There’s more going on than we realise…

I had a cool dream recently that implies God is moving more than we know. I had a dream a housewife stood up in a church gathering and said with a weight of glory “I am a housewife and today I’m allowed to share my story. These last seven years I have been encountering God secretly at home. Today I want to teach you what I’ve learned about the Mystic Realm of God.” It was so powerful. She then began to share incredible encounters and mysteries…

There are many around the globe who are normal everyday people living ordinary lives who are now being invited to feast on heaven. Great adventures are waiting for the willing Jesus lovers. Doesn’t matter how busy you are – who you are or how limiting your situation. Like the famous monk Brother Lawrence the cook who practised the presence of God whilst washing dishes – many will become intimate friends with God and carry his atmosphere around them. The mysteries of heaven are going to be revealed, the ways of the Spirit, enablement of supernatural knowledge, power to heal and bring change. It’s wide open with limitless possibilities. A big beautiful unknown country waiting for you and I to explore…

It’s for kids, families, business people, officials, artists, everyone – and it fits in with you’re life as you are. You just have to want it and like the Bible says “Since you were raised from the dead with Christ, aim at what is in heaven, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. Think only about the things in heaven, not the things on earth.” (Col 3:1-2). One Bible version says – “Let heaven fill your thoughts.” I love that. It’s just about desire and focusing you’re heart on it. Do you want it?

Jesus is coming for dinner (Rev. 3:20) if you’ll let him in. He wants to show you his wonderful hidden world.

Eating from the Feast, Justin Abraham

3 thoughts on “Hidden Mystics

  • hi justy, just love jelly and crumble.. i think that is after Gods heart..reminds me of the Lukwers…..do you tremble , do you crumble…whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on..lol..Jesus is comin’ to party and He’s got the biggest party poppers

  • just thiought I’d leav eyu guys a quick message..\ agree with you last thoughts here that indeed There is more happenng in the unseeen , obscure realms that we realize.The Lord challenged me recently about being prepared to be totally obscure amd if necessary to be ut of the public eye.I was prepared fprthat and then he splatted me on cardiffs pavements…lol..I didn’t expect thta but am happy to be a faceless individual who is a testimony of |his glory and a pleasing vessel of his love and intimacy in both the secret and the public.I learned a lot of this from the people I honour in the nation who have walked this path of the secret and the public an dwho hav e sometimes unknowingly been my mentors through the testoimony of their lives.You have been among those people.I honour you as one of those. Every blessing onyon guys and may your hearts always be tender to the One most tender…Love as always..Pete Eastside/Westside/Lord’s side/inside outside xxxx

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