Do you tremble?

Guys, I can hardly write today…

Smashed on another reality… heaven is more than at hand – it is swallowing us up!

We are being stalked, hunted and sabotaged by heaven!

This week we saw one of the most genuine God  initiated Holy Ghost outbreaks we have ever seen.

On the way to do readings, healing and dreams on the high street in Cardiff we were slam dunked by God right outside Starbucks before we even got there.

There were bodies all over the place. Crowds came in waves to see what was happening. Kids literally jumped in the pool with our team and got whacked. People were asking for it. Others stayed with us and got hammered on the bliss of Jesus. We prophesied over people. Some invited us to their school.

The police drove past and left us to it. Even the security people didn’t bother us. We had heaven’s backing to be there. The glory was so heavy even I had to lie down and didn’t care – which is a miracle in itself when you’re leading.

All weekend was hijacked. It just didn’t stop. People were trashed all over our house. We spend hours crying and laughing. Many people were dismantled by Jesus to be mantled with something new. It was raw, real, God showing up. Many healing testimonies have come back – hearing, chronic fatigue, bowel conditions, arms, depression, heart pain… it was something else!



Some school kids saw their teacher on our team drunk on the street. All the kids in the school are now talking about it and asking questions. They are so hungry for heaven. The culture and climate of the UK is new. People are open. It is easy to see God move in power. He is coming with unstoppable force and it’s only going to intensify.

I wish I could convey the realness of what’s going on. It is like a baptism in the heart of the father in Wales. Every ministry we have had come in has been impacted. God is here. The supernatural is increasing. We are having angelic beings visibly appear. Some are even coming to our door and then vanishing. Check out this picture from this weekends meeting-

Afterwards some of our guys were so drunk at the petrol station on the love of Jesus, the petrol guys called the police. They came along and breathalised the guys. It all turned out well though and the police we’re loving the Jesus love vibe. They were feeling the love. The love sickness is spreading!

There’s another wave breaking not just here but globally. Reports are coming in on the web from many places where God is coming like fresh and new. While in Wales we too keep getting hijacked. One minute I’m fine then I can hardly move. It’s been going on for a few weeks now. It’s hard to even write this blog right now. I am fighting to continue. I don’t know what’s going on but I like it. We want it. The pull upwards is so strong. We put out a BIG welcome mat for Jesus. We want to go all the way no matter what that looks like… could say a lot more but I’m impressed I made it this far…

Yours in the jelly jam of heaven’s donut, Justin Abraham

6 thoughts on “Do you tremble?

  • Please God don’t pass us by in America!!I am counselor at a local food pantry ,there is so much pain now in people. Once in awhile during my sessions there will be a tiny drop of His Glory but enough for them to get peace. How I cry for this here in my country, my city ,my church,my family.

  • To quote those welshman that I have spoken to directly, C’mon Jesus please send this to Great Yarmouth, and Norfolk and Suffolk we need it too!!!!!

    All flesh getting marinated its a sign man.

  • I love it!
    I love y’all and everything God is doing on the streets thru…it’s so rad…mass harvest…weighty kabod….keys of heaven at hand…his name is Jesus…haha…i love the cheeky smile on the police officer on the right hand of the pic with the two women laughing and hugging hysterically. thanks, jesus, you did a good ole job. mkay.

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