Cultural Shift

It’s okay to splurge you’re mind in Blogspace

That’s what blogs are about- sharing you’re mind. This may be a rough blog tonight but here we go my thoughts for today!

Tonight my heart is full of a sobering subject that has dominated my mind for many months. A subject that I have groaned and cried over many times. I’ve been considering the cultural change we are going through and what Danny Silk and Bill Johnson model – a culture of honour, royal thinking and loyalty.

In the culture of honour there  is

– freedom to make mistakes without fear of rejection

– forgiveness that allows people to rewrite their history

– great courage

– we know our worth in simply loving Jesus not in what we do

– we understand inside we are royalty and that changes the world around us even in a prison

– we  enjoy investing in others and seeing them grow beyond us

– we celebrate each other

– we make everyone feel they are powerful

– we cultivate personal dignity in others through our words and actions

– we honour each other by giving ourselves and our abilities to bring out the best in each other

– it is a culture that does not punish through cutting off love

– it values relationship

– it does not control but empowers

– a culture where you can be loved and accepted as yourself

– it cultivates repentance – changing you’re perspective to a heavenly view

Jesus lived this and more. He gave his life when we were still his enemies. His enemies! Ouch!

This song from our friend GB says it far better than I can…

We must embrace a new way of not just the supernatural but also a mature love culture underneath – a strong lasting foundation for generations to continue to walk in revival fire.

It may still be a baby in form but it is part of the revival that is rising and growing. It will mature and spread and cross all streams. We will see an eventual end to the civil war in the church. The end of empire building. It will remove fear.

Love that keeps no record of wrong and keeps hoping no matter what. It is pure and clean and does not dishonour but clothes with dignity the naked, it covers their shame, it gives them 77 x 7 chances and more a day. It does not control but empowers. It is a culture that is not threatened by difference but embraces a symphony of variety. It brings out the best in everyone. It is a culture that is not phased by mistakes, failure or bad choices. It allows people the chance to grow and change and learn. It always hopes, always trust, it never fails.

Others may write it better than I have but I’m just sharing my spirit,  just sharing God’s dream… wanting to go all the way… no matter what it takes. The further we go into the realm of the Spirit the more we will value what is on Papa’s heart, the more we will see through his eyes and his heart and He is pure unselfish love.

Jesus we love you so so much.

Looking up because help is on the way!

Justin Abraham

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