Martin Scott – Prophetic Dream for 2011

When prophet Martin Scott speaks we listen. His words are challenging, stretching, not often comfortable and yet they are very necessary. They create friction and then God space. Martin has been a huge inspiration to our journey and we are greateful for all that he carries. Here’s a key word he posted recently on his blogsite for 2010/ 2011 for the new season. These are exciting times if we can see beyond what is being removed and embrace the change. The future is not like our past. The future is glorious!

Prophetic Dream to mark the New Season

Martin Scott –

The time of the Jewish New Year marks a shift in season. In shifts we anticipate revelation but God does not reveal everything to any one person, so I submit what is below into the mix of what is coming.

The location – place, situation and time a dream takes place is often significant so I start with that:

I recently had a dream in a locality where there is much potential for the breakout of something new. It is a place of interpretation but where words can be interpreted to reinforce what is already taking place. Rather than become transformative in power they become captive to simply confirming things as they are.

Revelation is coming but we have to watch out for interpretation of the revelation that simply confirms what is already here. Transformation through shaking is what I believe God is bringing.

Margins are becoming very important. The God of the desert is rising, the glory has to be seen rising in and from the desert. Going slow with respect to interpretation is vital so that old conclusions do not become the default interpretive grid.

So I woke meditating on this dream, got up and began to record it at (looking up at the computer clock) 4.44. This is one of the prophetic times of the moment. I have encountered this time in recent weeks. It is the time of alignments but alignments for disruption that we did not expect, and disruptions that will have a widespread effect. The disruptions will reveal underlying situations. We will have to be ready.

Disruptions in specifics but they will affect the whole. A family situation that will affect the whole family. A city that will affect a nation. A nation that will affect nations [another economic ‘run’ is forthcoming].

Because of the type of place, and the timing of God in that place, there were discussions, dialogue and tension in the air (within the dream).

The buildings were strong and they represented what had been built and established. The structures that shape, which included the church, were visible and shaped the scenario, At a specific moment the whole front (facade) of those buildings swung out and up. They acted like a cuckoo clock might, where the bird comes out on the hour, but this was not something coming out from the building but the whole facade of the buildings themselves. This totally destabilised the buildings. I thought they might even fall right over, wondering if the foundations could support this. Then some familiar worship songs bbegan and, having ‘marked time’ the facades swung back in again and then returned to ‘normal’. [I realised in the dream they marked time – but rather they were to be marked by time.]

Immediately I heard ‘it is the familiar that has the tendency to restore the status quo and cause things to swing back’.

In the moment when there could be a wholesale shift the response was to quickly put in place what was familiar, to resort to the known.

There are buildings to come down in this season.

The shock in the dream was that it was worship (as we know it) that caused everything to swing back to the status quo.

Worshipping God is of course our call, but I realised that the singing of familiar songs can become totally dangerous. It touches the memory, not opening up the future, but reactivating a former experience, and in finality causing things to return to status quo (I hesitate to call it ‘normal’ because the status quo is not normal).

My mistake in the dream was to try and insist that I should be heard. I began to say ‘it is the familiar that has the tendency to…’ when I was mocked. I tried to push on but the person / spirit who mocked me finished the sentence with ‘restore things to normal’.

What we call normal I have called the status quo, and it seems to me that God is calling those things to come to an end. A 4-44 season is here.

Here are some bullet points:

  • The time is now of disruptions to reveal foundational weaknesses and faulty foundations.
  • Specific disruptions are coming that will affect much more than what is disrupted.
  • Facades will swing ‘open’. This will potentially destabilise.
  • The response of quickly the familiar will be destructive. We must watch that we do not even run to the ‘good’ that simply reactivates a memory. Many experiences are reactivated memories. Reactivating memories lock us in a holding pattern of forever learning but not coming to the truth. I feel this season right here is calling for some sober responses from the worship (song) leaders – from those operating in that framework.
  • Don’t try and convince. Even when facades swing wide, the belief in the structure is strong. It is not a time to convince but to stand. The issue is not ‘winning the argument’ but of standing against the status quo returning.

I hear the sound of 2012 in the air.

Martin Scott

Awesome change. For comments on Martin’s word check out his website.

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