We’ve just come back from 5 days of mayhem, craziness, party, staying up all night and hard hard physical work! Yep we were invited to be part of the ELEMENTAL tent team with LOVE BRISTOL. We were a motley crew of people from all over the UK who love Jesus and want to see the Jesus stuff happen in one of the wildest festivals on these islands.

My FACEBOOK entry kind of puts it bestGLASTONBURY rocked! Dust, music, weirdness, costumes, Chai, fires, new age medley, party, music, more music, people, lots of amazing new friends, baaaad toilets, no shower, hot hot sunshine, Stevie Wonder, naked people, Elemental HQ, Spirit Readings, healings, staying up all night, and a whole lot of overflowing drunken glory spreading! Not sure if I’ll ever recover!

Our little venue was a creative hub of music, art, Future telling & dream interpretation, hair & feet washing, heated debate, healings, eating and hanging out talking into the wee hours. Open from 1pm we stayed open until 4 o’clock in the morning. It was busy hard work but full of bliss in the Holy Ghost.

Late night session with the Elemental Band

Hair washing & massage was well popular with the girls.

The People (or Punters as Glastonbury staff strangely call them!) came all day long. Many of them were overwhelmed at the prophetic words we shared for them telling their friends to come and get one too. Each day the Spirit of prophecy became sharper until on the final day it seemed we were pushing into new territory and getting a lot of detail. Makes you wonder how far God is going to take this! He’s more willing I think than we are.

I was hijacked by Holy Spirit a number of times and seemed to spend most of the event in a blissful state of intoxication. I really met Him there in power and it was precious. I got to pray for a lot of the Elemental team as they asked me questions about what I was experiencing. Several of them had God encounters and one of the team was drunk all day afterwards. It was humbling to see God moving like that. So sweet. His presence is everything to me. Some people thought I was a right weirdo. But hey who cares!

Wandering around Glastonbury it is like a mini world in its own right. It is massive with villages of different activities and music going on. Every type of random faith and practise is going on. There are healing fields, Teepees, Peace tents, debate, song, performance, circus, dance, raves, colour, song, food and clothes. Masses of people walk around dressed in wild costumes. Anything goes. Some people are even naked. It is an incredible place and I can’t believe I waited until my thirties to go and see it. It’s a massive hub of creativity, lovely people and deep hunger for God.

There’s so much more I could say but hey – for once I can truly say you had to have been there! Next year I think a whole bunch of us should go together. It is unforgettable and the experience sticks to you like glue!

Oh did I forget to say – Stevie Wonder rocked so did Faithless. Living it LARGE!

Catch ya soon, Justin

4 thoughts on “GLASTONBURY ROCKED!!!

  • I sorry to have missed out…I aint been doing nothing but watching Dave get stabbed in the back on Big Brother…so well up for coming with you next year…didnt realise you and Vinnie were going…otherwise would of jumped on board and come and help spread the supernatural shing ding…GOD LOVES PEOPLE YEAH….FIELDS ARE WHITE ! ! !

  • ooo wish i was young agin reminds me of my hippiedays
    when i went barefoot all the time, and rolled in the mud,
    nothing new under the son, eccles. with you in spirit, really us sixties still feel it man

  • thanks this looks real good maybe i should take my acoustic too this next yera and the isle of wight.
    send the light.
    blessings too justin and all the team from john.

  • the last time i went too any event was in 1983 at stonehenge bit of a backslider 55 yeras old it sure strikes the ancient chords within.i remember in my hippie days getting help from the samaritans.
    its good too see spirit filled christians at thease events.

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