Cloud Walkers – New FREE Podcast online

Cloud Walkers – FREE Podcast online now…

If you missed the School last week you’re going to want to hear this one! For a long time we’ve been fasinated at Enoch and the life he lived. He is a sign for this generation. A people living in both the seen and the unseen where both are equally real and felt, seen, heard.

The Bible calls us to set our mind on things above and fix them there. One translation says “Let heaven fill your thoughts!” I love it. That is what we are called to do – live fully in both realms. God is blurring the boundaries in our time and it’s going to suprise all of us that angels can come for dinner with us just like Abraham. Sound beyond belief? Listen to the Podcast and soak in the Truth. There will be more on this subject coming soon.

The PODCAST is posted in the blog below – or you can visit our PODOMATIC site and subscribe.

This is the best way of getting the messages straight into your iTunes for free ready to listen to on your iPod. Just look for the iTunes logo on the right hand side.

Bless ya Justin

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