Rachel’s first BLOG…

Rachel’s first BLOG… Go Rachie go!!

Last weekend was awesome it was spent with our friends from all over the country. It was a special time, eating, and drinking together, fishing and clubbing and generally being very very merry!

On the Sunday night we had all eaten together and Our friend Jonathan started to talk about William Branham and the angelic, well that was it for the rest of the evening, one by one we fell from our chairs to the floor as we sang 6 bottles of beer on the wall, 6 bottles of beer! We were all lined up on the floor drunk as skunks as the angelic came and took us all on a Holy Spirit, joy filled rollercoaster ride! I love families who know how to drink well!

Towards the end of the evening the Glory of God became very heavy and he started to show me some awesome stuff!

During the evening I saw several things, one being the eye of God, I have been seeing this for a good couple of months now and each time I see it, it is getting closer. The eye I saw this night was extremely close, when I saw it, it actually made me jump!

I also saw a rider on a white horse and then I saw a mighty picture of the Lord, he was very very, very, very tall with a crown on His head. He looked very majestic and out of His mouth came a huge silver sword that shot straight down into the ground.

I struggled to make it to the kitchen where my bible was and turned straight away to the chapter in Revelation 19 v 11- 16 where it talks about the white rider (Faithful and True) and His eyes that burn, and where it says ‘Out of His mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations’.

I really felt the Lord say that He is close, that He is not going to put up with Injustice in the Nations much longer, that He will strike… that He will rule, that He will reign, that He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! And when His Word strikes His will will be done. C’mon!


For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the Earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” 2CHron 16v9

I believe this is what the Lord is doing right now, His eyes have been roaming searching, longing, burning, to find people who are fully committed, on Fire, burning, not held back in any way, willing, some versions say ‘loyal’ to HIM. That we would surrender our all, to live a lifestyle of a laid down lover.

 He is close very close, are you ready? The eye I saw was extremely close. Are you ready for Him to come in a way that we have not seen before, that will blow up all the boxes, ideas that we have? It’s time to think beyond and think Big! It’s time to think Harvest, It’s time to think Love, there is a baptism of love that is coming that is going to transform us all, that we will be able to love the most unlovely people, the most rich, the most poor, the most needy, the most grumpy, the most happy, the most angry, the most sad. Wow! A love that lifts us up where we belong! I am ready…….

Are you ready to throw yourself into His eyes that burn for you and for the nations, that are full, that are full, that are full of love?


Rachel x

8 thoughts on “Rachel’s first BLOG…

  • Lovit, beautiful….He’s comin home…He’s coming home…on His way back spitting swords! yachakah! I see you X

  • Thanks for sharing this Rachel – I’m much encouraged – I’m hearing God speak in a new way – not quite as Holy Spirit powerful as you – but new and fresh and with increasing frequency ……………Come on Jesus………

  • Great blog Rachel…wow the eye stuff very powerful!!! talking of partying…after the meeting on Friday night at The Gate..I dreamt all night that we were all at a HUGE playground…playing on the the rides bulit for big kids!!! we were having such a blast…then we had a tug o war with people dressed all in black…I believe this was the enemy trying to pull us back as we are going ohh sooo much deeper these days…at this point I woke up!!! we we win the war by the way…yea God!!!

  • Oh dear Jesus is all I can say! Well past the point of no return so its all in!!!Thanks Rach for that powerful word from Daddy. Yeah I’ve been feeling it in your house 🙂 Daddy said on the kitchen floor that he has given you keys & wisdom to unlock nations so I’m all ears…

  • hi rach teaching at sos other week on laod. in revalation when i had a vision of this person with bible in one hand scales in the other [ scales of justice] scales were weighed down heavily on one side then this person transfered the bible and balanced the scales of justice felt god was bringing the intercessors to their rightful place no longer lukewarm red hot with the fire of god love ro

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