Prophetic word for Scotland

The Economy of Scotland

Today I’d like to share what Holy Spirit showed me about Scotland. It all started in Edinburgh back last year. I was sent there by Holy Spirit to release the angel Majesty over Government. It was something we had already done in Wales with Jason Westerfield with very supernatural results. Jesus put it on my heart to do the same in Scotland. So a team of us went up there to do what Daddy has asked and to host Wildfire nights in one of the churches.

We went to the building in the daytime and we did what the Lord asked and when we prayed and released the angels – I was surprised when a supernatural wind whipped around us just like in Wales and visions began to come on the team. We all saw different things some of it about the past some of it about the future. We prayed into the things we saw. It was a supernatural glory filled time.

Here’s what the Lord has now released me to share:

1) “Scotland is a strong man and the rest of the UK will needs its strength in the future”. I don’t know what that means entirely but that is exactly what I heard. I think it might be spiritually and economically.

2) Many international dignitaries are going to feel the pull to visit Scotland. I saw a vision of a red carpet going into the government building and knew we would be surprised at who comes to visit in the future. There is great favour on Scotland and it’s government. Look out for who comes to visit!

3) I saw the Scottish Government building and how it is run will be known for its efficiency. I saw a vision of a graph and knew that there would be a high standard of management and very little waste. It will be known for excellence compared to other governments. We will one day see this in the paper or on a website – look for efficiency. God is raising the standard of good management.

4) I saw manufacturing businesses moving to Scotland – factories and the like developing new and innovative products. I believe some (if not all of these) will be international from mainland Europe and beyond.  It was unclear to me what I saw being made but in the vision it seemed cutting edge – I saw what seemed to be some kind of moulded plastic. I also saw what seemed to be a new factory being built in the country side.

5) A sense of stronger international connections coming to Scotland directly. It’s going to rise up and be seen and known on the international stage.

That’s all I have seen right now. I don’t know the timing of the word. I know we’re in uncertain times with the economy and it might take sometime to settle back down, but I know Scotland is going to be blessed in the future and these things will take place at the right time. So we bless Scotland. The UK needs you. We honour you.

Loving our tiny nation.  The UK was born to shine!

Blessings, Justin

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