Mystic Clusters

I had an amazing dream this week. Wow it was a heavy duty rush. A supernatural encounter in my sleep. Without going into the details here ‘cos you’ll think what I saw is nuts, all I want to say is that it’s time for Mystic mentoring. For the grapes the emerging mystics to cluster together and let the sweet juice escape!

We’re going to learn to shine! Like giant bulbs we’re going to shine with heat and fire and holy light. Children of Light from a Kingdom of Light.

The exploits awaiting you are like nothing we’ve walked in before. God has truly saved the best wine until last. If you could only see what is through the door you’d give you’re whole life for the call. It is a realm no eye has seen nor did we dare believe for. A company of burning hearts deeply intoxicated by the Fear (intimate love & understanding) of God, living in the unseen to the seen, friends with heaven, breaking the rules of possibilities and showing that truly nothing is impossible with God. Demonstrating the true government and authority of the King.

Most of what is happening now is still hidden (like Moses when he was hidden away from Egypt). But something new is most certainly here and growing. In due time it will emerge with such power and glory, like Elijah and Moses they will shake entire nations. Elijah’s first prophetic word was before the King and he stopped the rain. Such things are going to come again. It is here and rising. The land is crying saying “We’re making space for the Sons of God- Rise and Shine out!” God is calling us deeper than we’ve ever known and once you’ve tasted this wine, this intimacy, this reality, this power, this union there is no looking back. It is ecstasy.

The future belongs to the Courageous, Justin & Rachel

7 thoughts on “Mystic Clusters

  • Hey justy, wow i got very excited when i saw this update. Last night i was praying etc and i heard an inward Audible voice (this is only the 3rd time in my life i have heard a voice like this as far as i remember). Well God simply said “if i come nations will shake”!! The fact you have used the same phrase is real confirmation to what i heard last night, AMAZING!!

    Love you dude!!


  • Hi Justin and Rachel,
    Oh yeah! Love your last post re: Grapes gathering..yep, time to really get ready for what is to come!
    Been saying for ages now, ..”We’re going BEYOND the Place we’re at NOW”! …Into..
    “a Place where… NO MAN HAS BEEN BEFORE”!!
    So exciting! And yeah you’re right..everyone will want to do it, when they realise how good tis is, and what a strategic time of History we are actually in!
    Love you guys, keep pressing in! Love & Blessings Jan McV x

  • This is so exciting mentoring is so important as everybody is so hungry to share with each other.
    Everybody has a piece to the puzzle and we are perfectly fitted in Him.
    I love what the Lord showed you about Spain and France its confirmation to a dream I had recently.
    I dreamt I saw a rather large lady she was sleeping and looked very sluggish.( Symbol for the sluggish church )
    Myself and a friend offered her a birthday card and invited her to the birthday party which was combined with a Holiday.
    However she was to heavy and lazy to come, so I took my friend and we skipped out to what looked like the open sea.
    On the Ocean we encountered this massive Ship it looked like huge Oil tanker.
    ”I started shouting excitedly and told my friend ” Come come we can walk on water and I skipped out on the water and indeed we walked on water together.
    All of a sudden the water was covered in SNOW it looked like the waves had snowy mountain hats really funny.
    I kept saying to my friend we can walk on this water because we are close to the tanker.
    I was aware that the tanker was the Lord himself.

    This was before these snow storms broke out.

    So yes I believe we are going to see great Glory outbreaks in France and Spain.With its amazing heritage, so many prayers and martyrs blood has soaked both country’s.

    What a privilege to be a blessing to the people.

    LOL to you Justin and Rachel bless you so much

    LOL Justin and Rachel

  • Hey interesting re the bulbs…had a vision recently where I saw what was like a circuit board full of bulbs…as we prayed each one lit up brightly until the whole board was aglow with light!!! looking forward to April in Cardiff…Come on Wales let’s shine!!! xx

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