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DOW 2016 Live Streaming2

For the FIRST TIME – Days of Wonder 2016 is going GLOBAL and LIVE!!

Days of Wonder 2016

You can REGISTER HERE to watch the whole event.

Days of Wonder 2016

The VIDEO (nine sessions) will be available for 30 DAYS so you can watch it LIVE or anytime during the following month! This is an amazing opportunity to join a profound prophetic gathering in the UK. Feel the energy and ride the revelation!


Many voice rising together. With WENDY ALEC of GOD TV, IAN CLAYTON a prophetic father from NZ, and GRANT MAHONEY an unusual seer and revelatory.
With ourselves COBH- JUSTIN & RACHEL ABRAHAM, JANE SCHROEDER and JANINE JOHN BAND. This is going to be a brilliant few days.

11794536_10207180120802672_2476810782890388621_oThis is a strategic time for the UK and EUROPE. As Einstein said, no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We must engage the mind of Christ, higher thinking, heavenly realms to obtain the Blueprint.

Justin & Rachel AbrahamWe would love for you to join us. Any questions contact us at companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com. Blessings COBH



Mystic School: July Workshops!


SPICE UP JULY! Join the open sessions at the European Mystic School! 


Hosted by Atlee and Hazel Deeming – KINGDOM DISCIPLESHIP. 

This is an amazing opportunity to spend a day in the company of a small team of radical people, who are engaging the mysteries of heaven and unknown paths.

Starting with the SAINTS and the CLOUD on 2nd July with SPECIAL GUESTS – Matt and Pearl Nagy (Glory Company) and the inspirational Ann Wangari! 


This will be a small intimate school where you can make connections, be family, ask questions, take time out to journey into the sweetness of Heaven. To support the School, Atlee and Hazel are only asking for a £20 donation to attend. Amazing!

VENUE is the BEACON CENTRE, St. Mellons, CF30PJ. It’s easy to get to from the M4 motorway into Cardiff. There’s a pub nearby for lunch, or a large Tesco store within a short drive. If you’d like to KNOW MORE or REGISTER then click here! Go for it! 


*NEW Podcast – Melchizedek Part One

podomatic melchizedek

NEW Podcast LIVE!! Part One of NEW SERIES on the Order of Melchizedek. A lively intoxicated session recorded in DALLAS! There’s more to come! Let this session bring you into joy and rest, as we begin a new era of exploration. With Justin Paul Abraham. Hosted by Grant & Sam Mahoney (Moed Ministries). The music at the end is Godfrey Birtill – a musical poet and gospel revolutionary! Thanks again to our wonderful team of partners who make this possible. We honour you!

Beyond Human: Book Launch!!

Coming Soon Beyond Human BookExciting news! Our new book – BEYOND HUMAN is launching this summer at our DAYS of WONDER 2016 conference. I think you will love it.

It’s a book about the glorious Gospel and the KAINOS (new) creation abilities we now have, being joined in mystic union with the Divine! In this book we cover subjects like ascension into heaven, walking with saints & angels, telepathy (cardiognosis), metamorphosis, shifting dimensions, mastery over creation, spiritual combat, and the cosmic implications of the Gospel (and more)!

It’s come from ten years of engaging mystic (contemplative) prayer, walking with a new generation of mystics, and studying the lives of the saints. Each chapter is built around Jesus being the BLUEPRINT. We stand fully identified in the NEW creation renewed in knowledge back to the Pattern of our Design!

Written in simple, fun, punchy style it’s easy to read, and makes a great resource for study groups or further reading for people with many questions! It’s a small platform to plunge into a BIG joy pool of adventure! 

Again, BIG thank you to the COBH partners who made this possible! You are the secret family who stands with us in the hidden times. You are our hidden heroes!! We love you. We’ll be sending our monthly partners a copy of the book once it’s ready! 

So why not GET involved – REGISTER for DAYS of WONDER 2016: 3 wild days of engaging heaven with amazing people from all over the world. 

Days of Wonder 2016

LIVING LETTERS starts tonight- Friday 7:30pm


Hey guys, we’re buzzing to have KARL WHITEHEAD from Son of Thunder NZ with us for a galactic adventure! Karl brings fresh, mind bending understanding of the Hebraic and Mystical with Bible centred revelation. This is going to be deep, deep waters. With JANINE JOHN BAND taking us the Mountain. Join us tonight and tomorrow. Haven’t registered? Just come along there’s room! Full details CLICK here. Cheers!

Living Letters ver4

Coming soon: Living Letters

Living Letters ver5.jpg

Ancient Hebraic writers teach the HEBREW alphabet are living beings, formed as the raw material of creation. Karl Whitehead is coming to WALES to teach us about them, activate engaging the Kingdom world of the Father, take us deeper into the Mysteries of Heaven. Karl has experienced first hand each of the letters and how understanding the hebraic opens up layers of bliss hidden in the Bible. This is going to be a brand new type of school – teaching and mystical – really something special. Come hungry!

We have a new venue for this one, with easy parking and many food places nearby. Full details are on our website. Click here for more. Registration only £20! Amazing!

Look forward to seeing you! Don’t forget we also have SPIRIT SCHOOL coming up soon  on the 23rd APRIL 7pm. Going deeper into the Cloud with Janine John Band. Ascending into Zion. Justin will also be sharing his latest revelation on the Order of Melchizedek.

facebook banner spirit school april 2016

Let’s go for it more than ever before. It’s a Heavenward call!! Cheers COBH


podomatic addiction

This is the Mystic Quest, to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Relationship, bliss and continual conversation. Recorded at Days of Wonder in Cardiff WALES with COBH. This was a special time where the Presence moved powerfully across the people. It’s time to give God what he is seeking – friendship and love. The beautiful music at the end is from the iHOP Kansas prayer room live feed. Much respect to iHOP, the real deal! 

If you go to iTunes you can get each session straight into your computer each time they go live. This is the simplest way of staying connected. Or you can check out our very own PODOMATIC website. We have nearly 100 FREE sessions there waiting for you! 

Thank you to our small family of partners that support us in our mission to spread the Happy Gospel and mentor an emerging generation of mystics. The secret heroes. You guys rock! 

Cheers! Justin Paul and Rachel Abraham 


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