COBH Shop & Vimeo launch!

Hey guys,

Hope you are enjoying the Sonshine!!

We are so exciting  about this news, we have 3 things that you guys are gonna LOVE!

Firstly..…… Justin’s Audio book is now back in stock!

click HERE


Secondly…. Justin’s audio book is now available to download (click HERE) on our website! (Coming soon to iTunes!)

It just keeps getting better………..

Thirdly……We have launched our Beyond Human Intensive on VIMEO! 

You can now watch our Cardiff school from March 2017 in full colour. Watch this trailer…

Beyond Human from Company of Burning Hearts on Vimeo.

Click this Link and follow the rabbit trail.

We hope you enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

Big love and Shalom


Seer School registration open!

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Since she was a young girl, Jane has been gifted with the ability to see the unseen world of heaven – angels, strange beings, spiritual doors, colours & lights, hearing the sounds of the Spirit, and travelling beyond the limits of the body to witness global and cosmic events. 


At this unique event Jane will be opening up her life, sharing incredible stories and imparting to us what she has learned about engaging the unseen. It’s also going to be a time of encountering God in a real and personal way. Jane is one who makes space for Holy Spirit to come in power, often seeing inner healing, body miracles, and a sweet intoxication of the Presence come upon the people.

Jane Schroeder

Set this weekend aside to hear stories, have practical activation and teaching from Jane Schroeder. You won’t regret it! 

WITH Janine John BAND leading worship/ ascension sessions



9th June/ Friday 7:30pm 

10th June/ Saturday 10:30am / 2:00pm / 7:30pm


Nantgarw CollegeCardiffCF15 7QXWales


FREE PARKING + many food places within easy distance

EASY links to M4 motorway and central Cardiff. 

As you honour this truth and put time aside to learn, we believe new things will open up for you in the Spirit. What you focus on multiplies – so let’s look Above! It’s time for a generation to SEE and join the biggest adventure in the world!


Blessings Justin Paul + Rachel Abraham 

*NEW Podcast online | Grace + Life

Ever wondered what a Burning Hearts team meeting sounds like?! Here’s your chance to join the Tribe, our new fortnightly meeting, as we plunge headlong into the glorious GOSPEL of GRACE + LIFE!! 

podomatic life and grace v2

In this session Justin Paul Abraham begins a new series of teachings on grace, life enrichment, life expansion and renewal of the body. A new ongoing adventure as a community to activate new creation KAINOS lifestyles, awaken the spirit, replenish the body and renew the mind! Get ready, truly we are in days of wonder! 

CLICK here to visit our PODOMATIC Library! 

Thanks again to our amazing Partners who make this FREE service possible and fund our missions trips and dream projects! The secret friends standing alongside COBH. You guys rock our world!! Cheers! 


*Amazing new Project

Hey guys, you know we love to help MAKE DREAMS happen… it’s a kingdom principle as we sow into others, things then open up for everyone. We’re really buzzing to support this new project called DREAM COLLECTIVE with our great friends Vinny and Anja Francis. We’ve put together this short film to show you guys what this is all about.

We really believe in these guys and it’s been amazing seeing the RAW FAITH they carry in the goodness of Papa. They want to make this building a place for family, hope, community, life and love. I know they can do it! They are amazing with people and so creative!  They are real deal Jesus freaks! 

Vinny and Anja can’t do it without more help. They’ve already raised £200k themselves, but need to get the last £25k to make this bliss-project happen.

We’re calling on all our friends and Tribe to jump in with this. I know you guys have massive hearts and vision, many of you have supported us many times, and for some of you this is on your destiny scroll to partner, invest or simply give into this wild Jesus’ loving family.

Let’s do this together! 

Click here for more info

Much bliss & appreciation,

Justin Paul Abraham

Beyond Human Audio Book Now Available!


We are excited to announce that ‘Beyond Human’ is now available as an Audio Book.

Justin had a great time recording this with Richard Lewis at Glory Studio, it was a fun time!

Check out the video!


At present the audiobook is only availble from our own COBH shop. click  HERE to zoom you to the shop.


We really hope you enjoy the bliss, the freedom and the revelation that this book holds.


Inspirational LIVING LETTERS

EXPLORE a brand new world of wonder – the hidden mysteries contained in the Living Letters of Light – following in the ancient Hebraic tradition, the letters of the Alef-bet are holy mystical beings, living creative spirits, formed by God before the Earth.


Karl Whitehead from Son of Thunder NZ. Karl has been mentored by Ian Clayton directly for several years. Through this mentoring he has encountered the reality of the heavenly realms. In these powerful experiences he saw the Living Letters. This shaped his life, and provoked Karl to study the original language and traditions seeking understanding on the deeper ways of God. Karl brings this ancient mystical truth with humour, humility, love and joy!

This unique ancient language makes up the basis for the Old Testament. Understanding the forms, opens up our awareness of the sacred, mystical and higher ways of God.


They are woven into the fabric of the Cosmos waiting to be discovered, calling us to experience the Glory of Jesus Christ, to drink deep from the wells of Wisdom. They are more than letters on a page or sounds, they are holy and part of the Kingdom Realm of the Father.

Join us as we plunge into the mystery:

Session 1 – Friday 7. April @ 7:30pm
Session 2 to 4 – Saturday 8. April
@ 10:30am, 3pm, 7:30pm


Karl Whitehead

If you’re wondering is this School for you – YES!! It’s for everyone – there are no experts here! We at Burning Hearts are only just beginning, amateurs who have discovered a shop full of candies and cookies!! A whole new bliss-filled world to explore!

ALSO as part of this event we have prophetic ascension WORSHIP with JANINE JOHN BAND (Burning Hearts). These guys are the real deal! Swirl upwards in spontaneous Spirit led flows and drink from the River of Pleasure! You’ll love this!


Only £20 – AMAZING price for a unique School.

VENUE – Coleg y Cymoedd Nantgarw Campus
Heol y Coleg, Parc Nantgarw, Cardiff
CF15 7QY (Use CF15 7QX for Sat Nav)


Very easy LOCATION from the M4 into WALES. FREE parking.
Many food places within walking distance
– KFC, Frankie & Bennies, Nandos, Costa Coffee Shop, McDonalds etc.

MORE INFO? No problem! Email us at –

Click here to REGISTER

Standing with you to see a new era of awakening, joy, healing, and supernatural wonder!

Tony Cooke *NEW Dream School

Tony Cooke is a much respected friend full of love, humour and passion! Having worked with STREAMS and John Paul Jackson for many years, Tony is highly trained in DREAM interpretation methods. He has just launched a *NEW online course to make this simple! Check it out:


“I have a dream…..” those famous words….and I too have a dream! My dream is that the Church is trained and empowered to interpret and understand the revelation that is ‘hidden’ by Jesus in the dreams which come from heaven virtually every night to every believer. Hey, dreams are even Biblical! That’s why I have just launched:

For a couple of years, I have had a growing passion to release an online, affordable dreams training school aimed primarily at the fast ‘developing’ world, such as India, Asia, Africa and South America etc. I consider any believer that has access to an internet connection and even a smattering of english should be able to learn how to interpret the dreams God sends to us during sleep.

I have priced my school (at just £15 – you see it really is NOT about making money!) affordably for anyone who is hungry to learn because my heart’s desire it to get this Biblically based interpretation model, first developed by the late John Paul Jackson, out into the hands of as many believers as possible.

We all have heard that many Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ through dreams, but there is SO much more ‘hidden’ in these parables of the night. Our spiritual and emotional self-condition; revelation on what is to come, healing and deliverance to name only a few other blessings which can be found in our dreams. That is before we even consider dreams as a means of outreach, especially to those from the spiritual seeker communities (often called New Agers); the list goes on and on……

This is a genuine offer: just £15 for permanent access to their own online dreams classroom. It’s not a PhD in dreams, it’s an unashamedly entry level, easy-to-learn introduction to dreams, BUT if they complete the school (and it’s not difficult to do so) they will be able to interpret dreams for themselves and for other people and if they practise they could become really good at it. I sincerely believe it’s time the Church was empowered to interpret dreams and expand the Kingdom here on earth.

Thank you if you got this far, may God bless you!


Tony Cooke