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*NEW Podcast – Paul Keith at DOW’15

NEW Podcast is online – Paul Keith Davis speaking at our Days of Wonder 2015. Recorded in Cardiff WALES.

podomatic pkd dow 2015v2
In this session Paul Keith shares some intimate encounters he’s been having with the Lord. He also talks about some broad prophetic revelation he is seeing for our era. We were really honoured to have him. He is one of the faithful prophetic fathers of our generation.

He shares pivotal visions pointing to the emerging glorious bride. For more articles and teachings from Paul Keith visit his ministry website www.whitedoveministries.org.

Paul Keith also has regular webinar videos on his YouTube page where he covers a wide variety of topics with guests. Highly recommended! 

Free Podcasts

*Remember the simplest and perhaps the best way to get our Podcasts is through iTunes (not the Podomatic site). Click HERE to subscribe at iTunes and you will get them automatically on your computer when you connect. It is very simple. You can then put them on your phone or iPod to take on the road! 

Pressing on towards the Prize!
Cheers COBH

This Saturday: Spirit School with Liz Wright

We’re highly expectant about this coming Saturday. Our last School of 2015. It’s been an epic year with some amazing breakthrough and advancement. It seems only fitting to end with an emerging UK voice Liz Wright. For those of you who don’t know her she works with God TV and Wendy Alec, as an intercessor, ministry associate and friend. She is actively involved in media and mentoring people in the Spirit. 

Liz Wright

She is a prophetic apostolic ministry and most definitely a mystic! Every time we have met she has been caught up in the bliss of Jesus. She runs a ministry in England called The Bridal Company. The host regular gatherings called ARISE!  

Liz Wright

Liz is also an author and has recently written a book called Ekklesia Rising.Nice title! It comes highly recommend by Shawn Bolz and Wendy Alec. Check it out! 

Liz Wright

The School is this Saturday, 21st November at the PARK INN in Cardiff. It starts 7:30pm but you’re welcome to arrive earlier. This is a small FREE gathering for grassroots community to connect together and encounter heaven. Hosted by our team, Janine John Band will be leading us into the Cloud. There’s plenty of room for everyone. 

Park Inn

There is parking at the hotel – although there is a pay booth – it is FREE for our delegates. Just come in and input your info at the hotel desk. There are drinks available at the Bar including tea and coffee. The CARMARTHEN meeting room is immediately off reception opposite the bar. There will be greeters there if you get stuck! 

Park Inn

For more information contact Rachel – companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com.

Friends, let’s end 2015 School with a bang! Come hungry and full of passion!

Cheers Justin Paul. 


Help Jane Schroeder!! An Epic Adventure!

Exciting news guys! You can help Jane fulfil a big DREAM! 

jane schroder

Jane Schroeder, as you guys know loves miracles, healing and taking Jesus out there into the big world. She has such a passion for people and compassion. It’s beautiful.

Jane Schroeder

Well Jane is taking a BIG step of faith and has joined Todd Bentley’s Mission to India!! YES! She is going after the Dream she has had for miracles and revival in India. Jane went there before doing some smaller meetings. She’s pressing on in faith to see Destiny fulfilled and the beginning of a new chapter of Harvest. We are believing for increase!

Todd Bentley

These are the dates:

Nov 25 & 26 ~ Mumbai

Nov 27 & 28 ~ Pune

Nov 30 – Dec 2 ~ Dharavi

Dec 4-6 ~ Bangalore

Jane has paid for the trip herself but we can all partner with her and share the joy!! 

It’s costing $4,000 USA dollars to do this. So far Jane has raised a third of the money. We have joined in partnering with her, but would love for everyone who loves Jane to jump in and give this week, so all costs are covered and she’s overflowing with blessing! 

Jane Schroeder

Honestly, Jane is the real deal. She loves people and is very brave. 

Jane Schroeder

You can contact her and give on her own website – Nun on the Run!! 

Or get in touch through email or Facebook.

Thanks guys. Standing together to make history! 

Cheers Justin Paul 



BLOG: The Wine popped in England!

Hey friends, I don’t often BLOG but I want to share some happy thoughts with you today!

Heaven is Speaking

The celestial realms announce God’s glory; the skies testify of His hands’ great work” (Psalm 19:1) “I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath” (Acts 2:19).

At the start of 2015 we posted this HEAVENLY SIGN on our blog:

Independent Newspaper December 2014 “The comet Lovejoy is set to light up the skies and excite many a stargazer over the first week of the New Year as it reaches its closest point to Earth. The comet, formerly known as C/2014 Q2, is named after amateur Australian astronomer Terry Lovejoy and was discovered in August”


Despite the gloom and doom of what we’re seeing in the Press. Heaven is shouting LOVE and JOY to the World!

Daily Mail reports 23rd October 2015  “It’s happy hour on comet Lovejoy! Nasa discovers space rock releasing as much alcohol as 500 bottles of wine every second. The discovery marks the first time ethyl alcohol – the same type that you might find in a Martini – has been seen in a comet”.

Amazing. This is the FIRST time – WINE in the HEAVENS – 500 bottles a second… Nice!!!

Well we certainly saw a lot of wine this weekend in England with Grant and Sam Mahoney and Lindi Masters. I love working with people. Grant and Sam have become co-labourers in the Gospel with us and we’re loving it!
Guildford 2015

In a world of tired Christian hype and media marketing, I noticed throughout 2014 and 2015 a big increase in corporate intoxication and presence. We have laughed a lot this year and seen many communities awaken. Comet LoveJoy was a small sign in the sky to a higher Truth, the Happy God marking the future. As fear increases Light shines even more brightly. Celebration rises. Glory increases. The lamenting sound is being superseded by a David ecstatic symphony.

Sometimes this year the presence has been beyond words. At times couldn’t even say I was whacked this weekend!! It was beyond that definition. I was trying to explain it to Rachel. I couldn’t find the right words. I guess it’s like being in a beam of light where everything else vanishes away. Absorption maybe a good word?

Over and over again this year, the gatherings have had Spirit of unity and Oneness. We are One happy family!


This summarise how I feel. It’s from Brigid a Celtic Saint. I think it’s very appropriate for now!!

Bridgit Poem

Lake of Beer! Ah thank God for traditional prayers! You can’t argue with that! He he!

Cheers Justin Paul Abraham

Advance notice: Join us at LOVE FEST 2016/ Two days of worship/ prayer / encounter with BURN CYMRU and COBH



Spirit School night this November

Special Gathering hosted by COBH
with Liz Wright, The Bridal Company

Announcing a unique one-off Spirit School night in CARDIFF Wales.

COBH is hosting Liz Wright – an emerging prophetic voice in the UK. She is a woman with insight and experience of the mysteries of heaven. Liz is often caught up and experiences ecstatic states and visions. Her focus and message is intimacy with Jesus. She is a modern day mystic given over to the passionate experience of his presence.

Liz Wright

With Janine John Band leading us in ascension worship and prophetic sound, we are going to plunge deeply into the Divine Ocean! Come ready to get soaked!!

Janine John Band

This is a FREE event at a lovely venue. Show up and join the party!


Park Inn

PARK INN, Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF23 9XF

Click here for a MAP and Location info

Park Inn

Park Inn

Park Inn

No registration required – Just show up! Kids welcome.

Starts 7:30pm. If you arrive early there is a coffee shop/ bar in reception.

For more information EMAIL Rachel at –



“Liz Wright has served in ministry for over 15 years. Her calling as a prophet is to walk in intimate love with Jesus as His Bride; to know His heart and perspective and to help empower others to encounter Him and enter more fully into who we are as the wife of the Lamb.

Liz’s passion is to see people across every sphere of life walk powerfully and unhindered in their true royal identity, governmental authority & God given destiny. She lives to know the heart of God and to see the Church become strong, vibrant , powerful, secure and whole. Living fully filled, releasing His Kingdom on earth, shining, abiding in Jesus Presence , living from Heavens perspective out of who we really are as a new creation.

Liz serves churches and ministry leaders both nationally and internationally helping to bring the heart and perspective of God, prepare the heart of Jesus Bride, lay prophetic foundations to birth Kingdom works or bring strategy for breakthrough individually and corporately.

She currently lives with her husband & daughter, in Guildford, England.”

For more visit The Bridal Company

*NEW Podcast out today – Way of Perfection!

way of perfection

You guys sure are hungry! We meet people all over the nations listening to the Podcasts and asking for more. It’s amazing! Today we’re putting out a NEW Podcast just for you! An intimate workshop at a recent retreat in Arizona USA.

In this session Justin opens up about living in Mystic Union, the Way of Perfection. This is a rallying call back to simplicity, away from modern formulas and methods for a higher truth – that God is within us to be enjoyed everyday. The truth that we are immersed in the burning layers of the Divine. A message of hope and endless joy!

For more on Justin Paul Abraham and COBH visit http://www.companyofburninghearts.com.

The excellent Music sample at the end of track is by UNITED PURSUIT BAND available on iTunes.

THANK you to all our PARTNERS who make this possible. You know who you are! You rock!

Justin Paul Abraham

New Creation Intensive…time to Register!!

New Creation Intensive

Join us for this day and evening event with special guest speakers Grant & Sam Mahoney from New Zealand. Together they run MOED ministries and have some extraordinary stories about being a new creation and living a supernatural life. They encompass the Father’s heart and have an amazing teaching gift. What a treat!

We also have our very own Justin Abraham sharing at this event.  Justin carries Jesus wherever he goes, the Gospel is imprinted on every atom of his being! He is a voice in this generation that carries reformation, changing the way that we think about how we live as Sons of the Living God in the every day!

We would love you to join with us for what Heaven is releasing on the Earth in these days. Come and excpect to challenged and changed into what we are called to BE! 

The EKKLESIA gathering will also have essential & vital space for times of ascending together in sound

led by Janine John & Band. Surging together into throne room dynamics.


 Friday Night Session: 7:30pm

Saturday Morning: 10am – 1pm 

 Saturday Afternoon: 2:30pm – 5pm

 Saturday Evening Session: 7:30pm

Please note numbers are restricted for this event, please register early to avoid disappointment, when it’s full it’s full!!

Look forward to meeting all you lovely people!!


Eventbrite - New Creation Intensive


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