*NEW Podcast + Video online

Hey guys… just getting ready to head off to the USA with Rachel. Wanted to drop you guys some new stuff. First, a NEW Podcast recorded from the recent CANADA School with Catch the Fire. This introduction session is a great overview for people who are new to our teachings. Jump in and enjoy – click on image below:

podomatic canada session one

Did you know we also have a youtube channel? We’re posting more and more free goodies on there for you. Here’s one from HORSHAM England, were I challenge the status quo thinking of being under time and seasons. It’s stretching but sooo good!

Youtube Cosmic Gospel.jpg

Our next trip is just around the corner. If you’re in the USA, come join us for a very unusual time of engaging heaven with the incredible MorningStar community. I feel so honoured and amazed to be ministering at this place. Rick Joyner shaped our journey and his thoughts are often echoed in mine. Really a dream come true!


Finally, BIG thank you to our lovely COBH Partner family. You rock our world!! 


Blissings, JPA

Jane moving to Scotland!

Hey everyone!

Quick news update: Jane Schroeder, the infamous bliss-bomb and devil butt kicker, is moving to Scotland this week. Scotland’s gain is Wales’ loss!! 

After years of working with COBH in Wales, it was time for a new adventure and a new location. We’re really excited about the next chapter as she moves to work more closely with the Dove Company and the equally wild Stephen Mckie! 


Last night we had a farewell TRIBE night… fun and tears all around!! We will still see Jane often, but we will miss her at hangouts, TRIBE and COBH. 


To keep up to date with Jane’s epic adventures you can follow her on Facebook page or her ministry website – Fiery Crown and Glory! Go JANE!!

Cheers JPA



podomatic into zion

One of the greatest mysteries being revealed in our generation is our role in Zion! 

Join our ongoing series of teachings on ZION, the Court Room, winning your case in Heaven and more. Recorded in BATH, England @ Spirit School with Justin Paul Abraham.

CLICK here to download!

Thanks again to our lovely PARTNERS who make this FREE channel possible!

Also if you want more teaching we now have a STORE at our website www.companyofburninghearts.com Speak soon! Cheers!

Ecclesia Rising UK

This weekend we are meeting in the HEART of the UK – Birmingham. This event was birthed from dreams and visions. We are following HEAVEN. There’s still some spaces if you’d like to jump onboard. 


We’re going to explore what ECCLESIA actually means, our function in the Courts and Government of God. The interplay with ANGELS and SAINTS. Ascending and taking responsibility. The role of ECCLESIA hubs to draw new realities. 

Ecclesia Definition Slide 1

We believe this time will OPEN up new Kingdom possibilities, new experiences and greater faith for the future. The truth is – you are POWERFUL, you have a position to take in the Spirit and a role to shape the FUTURE! 

Ecclesia Definition Slide 3.jpg

Come join us as we learn to BE IN THE SPIRIT.

*THANKS again to our amazing community of partners that sponsor our events and fund our trips. We couldn’t do it without you. You are the secret army running with us and we love you! 

Bliss, COBH team

Summer Advance 2018…registration now open!

summer advance 2018 booked

Hey guys, here it is…Registration is now open for our Summer Advance!

This year we have 2 nights away on the 6th-8th July with John & Jean Scotland and Justin Paul Abraham. We are in for a divinely wild time with Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit. A blissful, joyous time together communing with each other on earth and in heaven.

Just click on this LINK to go to the information page. Just keep scrolling down the page information page and you’ll find the registration form.

Please note that spaces are limited and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Any other names will be added to the waiting list. We hope you can make it!

Any queries please contact Rachel on cobhadvance@gmail.com

Blessing’s COBH



*NEW Podcast LIVE: Visionary Flow

podcast visionary flow

Join the TRIBE in Wales for another mentoring night with Justin Paul Abraham. In this provoking teaching Justin continues from the last Podcast, talking about being “in or out of the body” as Paul the Apostle wrote 2 Cor 12:2.

How far can we go today? How far is too mystical? What would it look like to live 100% in the seen and the unseen? These are questions worth asking! We are pressing on into more!`

To download it click here – or the best way is to sign up directly with iTunes

BIG thanks to our amazing partners who fund this FREE channel. We honour you.

Don’t forget the upcoming session with Justin Paul @ BATH SPIRIT SCHOOL next week, hosted by Trevor + Ros Dunlop, with the incredible JANINE JOHN BAND.

Details are below-

Bath Spirit School session 5 cloud

Have a great weekend! Cheers COBH



*NEW Podcast Live: Out of my Body!

podomatic out of my mind

JOIN the Tribe mentoring session recorded in Cardiff UK. In this fun session, Justin Paul inspires the team to journey with Jesus in the Kingdom Realm. Paul called this state of being outside of your normal-self “existemi” (2 Cor 5:13) – to be out of one’s mind in astonishment and wonder, taken away by God. It is a similar word to ecstasy. It was normal experience in the lives of the Saints and Church History.

With stories of bi-locating, translocating and other examples, this message is a sweet invitation to a different way of adventuring beyond the physical body and locality. The truth is as a KAINOS being you are limitless. We are one with Christ! We are invited. We are included. In Him we LIVE and MOVE!! 

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN or simply subscribe for FREE on iTunes! It’s easy! 

 Thanks to our amazing, crazy, inspiring Partners for making this free podcast available to the world. You guys rock!!! See you all soon. Cheers!