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Charlie Shamp in the UK

Charlie Shamp

In an era saturated with hype – these guys are the real deal. Authentic. I have known them for many years. They have massive integrity and they are not building an empire. 

Charlie is moving in incredible faith and power for miracles. In their last USA meeting a totally deaf woman was healed. I am often amazed at their videos on Facebook.

I believe he is a modern day John G Lake. I highly recommend this amazing couple to you. They have been trusted by Papa with a special grace to change lives.

If you need a miracle, or your friend/ or family are sick, try to get to these meetings. 

Here are the dates and locations:

Guilford, England: April 3 – 5

Norwich, England: April 10 – 19

Reading, England: April 24 – 26

Cumbria, England: May 1 – 3

Dumfries, Scotland: May 8 – 10

Belfast, Ireland May 15 – 19

For the full information visit the Destiny Encounters website -


Cheers Justin Abraham

Honouring the Life of John Paul Jackson

Justin Abraham and John Paul JacksonToday I want to honour the life of John Paul Jackson. He went to be with the Lord on February 18th, 2015. An amazing man with a historic legacy.

We met under unusual circumstances. It was the result of a heavenly encounter in 2010 with Enoch. The consequence of this was us meeting for a meal together in Cheltenham England. God came in an unusual way that day as we shared stories. I think we all felt it.

John Paul talked about an experience where angels took him above Wales. An audible voice spoke and said that the last revival with Evan Roberts was cut off prematurely but it will be finished. He was deeply impacted by this. Hearing it was also impacting. 

I know Evan believed it was meant to be a global move. I hold this word in my heart in Wales. I still dream of a nation burning. Wildfire revival torching the skies! A nation transformed for the transformation of many nations. Not 100,000 but a nation burning.

I am so grateful for moments like that. Mile-stones along an unpredictable road. Reminders that we are all moving together somewhere special. What seems so out of control is mapped out by the Great Architect. 

John Paul I felt understood me. Something I rarely feel. More often than not I find indifference or mis-trust towards me from within the established church. An outsider. But John Paul was different. He saw beyond the surface and embraced me unconditionally. 

After this meeting, John Paul invited me to the Convergence in Texas. An annual event for discussing global strategic issues. It was humbling to be trusted like that. To be invited to a gathering with many of the fathers of our generation. I got to meet so many people that I read about. I was the unknown one. I even got to preach! Now that is faith! 

He took a risk with me and many others. He was so secure in the Father. His eyes shone. A big smile. He had massive integrity. Wasn’t afraid of difference. A very rare man. 


His wife Diane is the same. A woman of great courage and faith.

Why did he go to Heaven now?

This is mystery… I know when I met Enoch that John Paul was connected to him. That there was something different going on now. I believe John Paul is involved in something massive we don’t fully see yet. A dream Papa has for the world, and for the whole Cosmos. A re-birth into Life. Fulfilling Isaiah’s words that we would re-build ruined places. A reformation of Creation. 

John Paul is in the Cloud of Witnesses. But more than that he is part of co-creating a new era. I am sure many will see him in the coming years as that plan unfolds. 

But until then we will miss him greatly. My thoughts go to his family. His wife Diane. 

There’s so much more I could say… Cheers for listening. I just felt like talking today. 

Thanks Justin A

*NEW Podcast online TODAY: Life and Immortality

podomatic life and immortality

New podcast from Justin Abraham: Humanity is changing. People are living longer and living healthier. TIME Magazine reports a baby born today could live to 142. We are in a time of massive change. We are returning to the Days of Noah where people lived expanded lives. We will see that there is an amazing promise hidden in the Gospel, the promise of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10).

Justin Abraham

Recorded in Seattle Revival Centre in the USA, with Justin Abraham this is joy filled message of hope, healing and a youthful life!

For more visit our PODOMATIC website
Cheers Justin & Rachel Abraham

South Africa this APRIL

Next stop SOUTH AFRICA! Justin Abraham and Milly Bennitt

10636031_10152689283356172_4941983401432211237_n (1)

Creation Cries A5

Then in May we’re in Australia and New Zealand. Keep in touch!

Justin Abraham

Days Of Wonder 2015!

Days of Wonder 2015!

DaysOfWonder2015_frontv3We are excited to say that Registration for what has become our annual conference is now OPEN!

This year we have the pleasure of hosting Ian Clayton, Paul Keith Davis and Karl Whitehead.

Ian Clayton is an amazing man of God who we have had in each year for the past 6 years. He continues to come and sow into us the jewels that the Father has put into his Heart.

Paul Keith Davis came to us for the first time last year and we had a     rich time with him. He is full of Papa’s love and carries an authority when he speaks that brings deep revelation. It was an honour to meet him.

Karl Whitehead is from New Zealand and is a close friend of Ian Clayton. Karl will be sharing a revelation that He has been given on the Living Hebraic letters.

We will also be having our very own Welshie … Justin Abraham sharing some fresh manna from heaven.

Really looking forward to gathering everyone together and hearing what Papa has to share with us all. To hear the depths of His heart and partake of the exciting and fresh revelations that are being released in this day!

The cost of the event is £45 for the whole 2 days. £25 for Friday day and £25 for Saturday day and you can register via the link below. We also have information on our website about local hotels and parking. Last year we made provision for the children in the afternoon, we would love to do the same this year and this will be confirmed later this month.

If you do need any more information  please email us at companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com .

Eventbrite - Days of Wonder 2015

We so look forward to being family together at this exciting event!

Rachel Abraham


Jane Schroeder BLOG – Celtic Women

Celtic Wild Women 2015  – In this BLOG Jane Schroeder shares what she saw & felt over the two days gathering in CARDIFF WALES. Dreaming of people rising and nations burning!

Celtic Wild Women“At the beginning of Celtic Wild Women conference, we presented the Celtic lands of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Joining together, uniting and connecting hearts. We welcomed Ireland into Wales recognising her heart, drawn irresistibly towards her.

The cry went out for Ireland to raise its voice once again, to present her self as a “Melchizedek” Nation of priest and kings. The cry from the platform went out in great authority and power Alleluia!Celtic Wild Women

The call to Wales to be a nation was represented by “Seraphim and not dragons” on the Welsh flag, was a very powerful message. 

Celtic Wild WomenFor us, this was the first ‘United Kingdom’ meeting of the wild Celtic Islands. It was a weighty meeting. None of us were there to bring a ‘nice message’. It was much bigger than that. It was a meeting of nations, trading together every-thing for intimacy with God and his blueprint and pattern for the Nations.

The spontaneous worship took us to incredible heights with people witnessing the Men in white linen, the cloud of witnesses as they seemed to move among us seeking out individuals.Celtic Wild Women

Kathryn Kuhlman was one of the cloud that was seen by many people in the Spirit. One lady saw Kathryn Kuhlman’s radiant shiny brightness as she looked deeply into the eyes of people. We believe that Kathryn came to release mantles, imparting nurturing healing into hearts that will be able to minister in a new out of the box way! As Kathryn chose to pay the price during her lifetime she chose to yield completely.  We are all  following in her footsteps and others like her who have trodden the Ancient Path before us. “Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses… let us run the race!”

Celtic Wild WomenThe Presence -

Heaven turned up and more and more out of the cloud, Seraphim and other Angelic beings. Jesus and the Father graced us with their presence. It was just so incredible. I do not know how anyone could have left without being transformed. I know I certainly am.

People responded so honestly – their spirits were so transparent with their hunger to KNOW Him, that it often brought many of us to tears.Celtic Wild Women

Tent of David – the Ancient Paths, the Ancient doors, we walked through and enjoyed entering into the Tent of His Habitation – the cloud of His Glorious Presence.

We focused our eyes on Him as he sat as “LORD on His THRONE”  “God Inhabits the praises of His people” Psalm 24: 7 – 10 Lift up your heads, O gates; and be lifted up, O ancient doors; That the king of glory may come in.

Celtic Wild WomenThe Seraphim were seen many times. Their ministry is to bring the Government of God with holiness, purity, intertwining with wisdom and her hand maidens.

jane schroderIt was a privilege to host the conference with powerful women who have stood for their nations, stewarding and releasing destiny. It was a sign and a wonder.

Abundant Love
Jane Schroeder”

*Jane has her own ministry and Blog site – connect with her here 

Bath Spirit School – Ekklesia Rising this Friday

facebook banner spirit school bath feb

It’s the last session of Ekklesia Rising in Bath this Friday night. It’s been an incredible six month journey together. I can honestly say it’s been one of the most enjoyable times in ministry I’ve had in years. Thank you Trevor and Ros and everyone involved!

Bath Spirit School

We’re going to finish with the function of the Cloud of Witnesses. A hugely important topic for our time that has impacts on all of us. We are part of something massive!

Bath Spirit School

We are ONE body in Heaven and Earth. We are not alone.


St. Michael’s Junior School
Newton Road


Trevor and Ros

Trevor and Ros

Trev & Ros Dunlop
Contact details for information:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Cor 5:17



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