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Nearly time for DOW 2015!

Hey guys there is a massive buzz about the upcoming intensive. We have 500 radical people pulling together to engage the unseen to shape the future. With two of the prophetic apostolic fathers of our generation – Ian Clayton from NZ and Paul Keith Davis from the USA. These are two pillars for our generation, heavy weights in the Spirit who have walked deeply with Heaven, carrying mandates to align this generation with the scroll. We massively value what they bring and are expectant over what Papa has commissioned them to land in the Nation. 

Paul Keith Davis

We are also introducing Karl Whitehead to the UK. He’s been mentored directly by Ian for several years, and carries a wealth of experience. He is not a clone but a unique voice with a unique mandate. He will be teaching on engaging the Living Letters- the Hebraic alphabet as living heavenly beings. Sound different? This will stretch you and radically awaken hunger for the Mysteries of Heaven. 

I will also be sharing a session to break the mind-boxes we have built. Pushing it out there as we seek to transcend the limitations of the human conditions into a KAINOS new world with limitless possibilities. A world beyond human, as a new species birthed from Divine DNA of the Spirit in Christ. 


With raw music sessions with Janine John Band, Richard Lewis, and the Glory Company we are going to fly, dance and drink! We are not going to be holding back but making this time count. Burning. Passionate. Ecstatic Flame.

Of course our main aim is to encounter God. As Tozer once said ‘The manifest presence of God is the central fact of Christianity’. God with us. Face to face. Mystic union. There is nothing like the endless bliss we have in him. 

There’s still time to register and a few places available. Hurry up! 

Cheers Justin Abraham

Ascend Ecstatic School with Matt & Pearl Nagy

This Saturday Ascend is back for the final school of this session. It’s been an epic 6 month adventure. Janine John and Band have given it 100%. Experimenting in the Spirit with sounds, instruments and many voices. I’ve been blown away by the FUSION of people surging together. Seeing the weaving together in the wild flow of the Spirit. Going lower to fly higher. Taking risks. Working as a team. It’s paid off! Each month we have engaged heaven deeply. Epic! 

Ascend Worship School

This final session we have some friends throwing their unique DNA into the mix. The lovely Matt and Pearl Nagy (Glory Company) in Horsham are back. I call them England’s best kept secret. I can’t believe the UK churches haven’t heard about them yet.

Matt and Pearl

They totally fly with Heaven. Some of the music the Glory Company Band released back home in Horsham has reminded me of funky acid-jazz, all the way through to haunting melodies and sounds. These guys are the real deal.

Seriously just check out this track: “Brooding” HERE on BAND CAMP. Soooo gooood! 

This is a FREE event. Saturday 11th July
Venue: BEACON CENTRE, Cardiff CF3 0PJ. Kick off at 7:30pm. Come earlier for coffee.

Any questions? Email Rachel – companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com 

*NEW Podcast: Sonship with Grant Mahoney

I’m buzzed to introduce a NEW voice this month. Grant Mahoney from Moed Ministries. Based in Auckland, New Zealand he and his wife Sam have become dear friends. Grant is a fatherly, loving family man, with an unusual seer ability.

podomatic grant mahoney

Some of this session may be very stretching for you. We need to dream bigger, go further, until there is an unstoppable tide of wonder and joy! We have to keep expanding our minds and awakening love until the whole world is blazing.

Click here to visit the COBH PODOMATIC website. Or here for Grant’s teaching.

I know you’ll love this. Enjoy!

Immortal Generation?

We’re engaging Truth today. The subject of Immortality. The church traditionally may not be considering this subject. But GOOGLE are not afraid of it! They are investing over $400 million this year alone on finding the cure for ageing. 


The Quest is on! You can read more about this HERE.

Jesus revealed the Gospel of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10). This Truth will be understood before the end of this present era.  There will be a company like Enoch that defy death, and swallow it up with Life. In fact all of creation is waiting to be freed from the record of death and decay. In Christ we are becoming life giving spirits. 

If you’d like to hear more about this and other stretching subjects, try our PODCAST page:

COBH podcastcompanyofburninghearts.podomatic.com

Daring to Believe

*NEW Podcast: TIME the Fourth Dimension

After months of requests for our teaching on TIME, it’s now ONLINE via Glory Revolution. A mind expanding, essential message for redeeming the power of the fourth dimension. Stretching but a vital part of our era. 


“Are you governing time or is time governing you? In this new era, God is opening up new revelations and understanding to His people. Old mindsets and paradigms are being replaced. He is setting us free of the human limitations that once kept us anchored and bound to this reality. It’s a whole new world and it’s time to fly!  Recorded at our recent Ancient Paths Conference, Justin shares some of the time miracles that are unfolding at the minute. As you listen, allow Jesus to shatter the glass ceilings that have kept us living too small! The music at the end is the incredible “Fly” from Jason Upton’s “Remember” album available on iTunes.” Glory Revo.

Click here to LISTEN. Or visit Glory Revolution for more.

If any man be in Christ he is in a NEW person in a NEW world. The old order has finished & gone.

Raising a generation who are fully identified in the new creation.

Ascend this Saturday. Sound, Song and Spirit Realities

Ascend Ecstatic School of Worship is on this Saturday in CARDIFF WALES. Join Janine John Band, the local COBH crew and friends for an evening of experimental Heaven led sessions. Sound. Prayer. Soaring. Trancing in the bliss.


This month we have a special guest from FRESNO USA – Travis Hover. 

Travis Hofer

Travis is involved in BURN 24/7 and connected to a number of Worship/ Prayer Hubs around the world.

He’s going to jump in and mix the BURN DNA with COBH. Riding Spirit waves into the Unknown.

Pursing the raw Frequencies of Heaven : David’s Tent : The Song Restored

Happy faceVENUE: Beacon Centre, Harrison Dr. Cardiff CF30PJ. 7:30pm start. FREE event.

Need more info? Contact Rachel – companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com

Justin Abraham in Oz and NZ

Hey guys.

Blogging this from the lovely Melbourne Oz.

Just to let the Oz and NZ people know where we’re meeting the next two weeks. Here’s the info. 

Ancient paths - Justin-2 copy

Sydney 2015

Creation Groans NZ

Spirit School advertising

Local UK guys if you can cover Rachel and the kids in prayer that would be epic! Rachel is the hidden hero of COBH.

Big blessings, Justin 


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