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*NEW Podcast LIVE //Love Wins//


Justin Paul shares visions, dreams and angelic encounters with deep implications for our time. This truly was a unique night where Holy Spirit moved powerfully over the hearts of people, even after the message was finished. Recorded in Horsham UK at the Tomorrow People conference, hosted by Glory Company. This is a living word!

For more on Justin follow his new Facebook page www.facebook.com/officialjustinpaulabraham. Don’t forget to check out Glory Company at www.glory-company.com. The music sample at the end is the inspirational Benjamin Dunn, on iTunes and other media. Cheers!

Saturday 10th: Sound of Melchizedek

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Riding on the waves of bliss, we ascend to Zion, to see, to taste, to touch, and encounter the Realm of Heaven. Like Isaiah the Prophet we say –

“Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, To the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, And we shall walk in His paths.” Is 2:3


Come with us on the unpredictable adventure into the Future!

The Saturday WALES – *NEW START time 2:30pm – 10pm.

EVENT details can be found here!

New JPA Facebook Page

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Hey Friends! Today I’ve launched a new official PUBLIC PAGE on Facebook (due to the 5,000 friends limit on the old page). If you’d like to keep updated CLICK here! We’ll try and post some fun stuff on there. We already have some video from DOW 2016!

If you like TWITTER you can also find me @WildfireRising – Click here – this is something we’re starting to develop. Sound bites. Politics. Dreams. Visions! 

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Thank for being a part of the journey. We love you! Cheers Justin Paul 

*NEW Podcast: Telepathy

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We are telepathic! Surprised? Don’t be! Jesus is the Pattern of us, and he knew everyone’s thoughts and feelings (Rev 2:23 CEV). Justin Paul shares the Biblical basis and practical dynamics of telepathic communication. Recorded in Melbourne Australia with Glory Revolution. The music sample at the end is Benjamin Dunn from Adventus (available on iTunes). For more on this and other teachings, you can buy Justin Paul Abraham’s new book BEYOND HUMAN now on iBooks, Kindle and Amazon. Click here for the COBH PODOMATIC site, or here for iTunes – the best way to download. Cheers!


Unchained – England


Beyond Human reviews!

Beyond Human Justin Paul Abraham

The BOOK is live and the first reviews are coming in… 

This is the most inspirational book aside from the Bible I have ever read. Should be required reading by every Christian. We need updating. The Bible verses that verify the teaching is all there proving the point of each chapter. Thank you over & over, truly this is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Marsha Beale

Justin Paul Abraham I just finished reading this — I surprised myself at how slowly I read as it seemed that I would read and digest, read and digest. I just wanted to let you know that at times it was almost as if YOU were reading it aloud to me as I could hear many sentences in your voice! But what I really want to share with you is that like no other book I have ever read — I could actually feel your love! Your love for Jesus, your love for the gospel and your love for whomever was reading the words you labored over! Bless you for releasing this lovely tome!!!! Lin Vasquez


I devoured this book and throughly enjoyed it. I came away encouraged and strengthened in my spirit to believe for more… [Justin] treats his writings and readers as a precious gift that’s been entrusted to him from Papa… Justin walks in great humbleness of heart all throughout his writings as did all the mystics. It’s a character trait marked by Jesus! Thank you Justin! I hope there’s more books in the future.

Hands down, ‪#‎BeyondHumanBook‬ is one of the most fun, enjoyable, and enabling books I’ve ever read about journeying with Jesus and all the adventures he takes us on in the new creation – all the possibilities!!! Thanks, Justin Paul Abraham, writing such a masterpiece!!! Justin Daniel

Support us today by buying the book. Available NOW on AMAZON, ibook etc.

Beyond Human Book by Justin Paul Abraham

Beyond Human Book is LIVE!

It’s finally happened people!! BEYOND HUMAN by Justin Paul Abraham is launched!!


You can buy it at AMAZON UK and USA right now or from us directly. KINDLE will be out soon as well as global AMAZON. Join the Twitter and Facebook challenge by posting you FUN pictures reading the book with the hashtag #BeyondHumanBook – Hehe!! 

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We hope you love this book. It has come from 10 years of journeying with Jesus and it is crammed full of stories of the Saints and modern day mystics. Let us know what you think! 

Until next time here’s a few pictures that have come in so far… Haha! 14047216_10154386237012790_8375043639493899227_o





Keep them coming people!!! Remember visit our TWITTER page or FACEBOOK and post your photo with the hashtag #BeyondHumanBook!! See you soon.