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COBH Shop Launched!

Hey everyone, I know we’ve talked about it for a while, but we are very excited to say that our new online shop is now open!! You can access it via a link in the menu bar at the top of our website.  We currently have 3 teaching sets available…. 273376045       273376040      273376283 These are a mixture of awesome teaching’s from Justin Abraham, Ian Clayton, Stephen Mckie & Paul Keith Davis. When in the shop you can click on each product to see the full details. Each of these sets is on a 4GB memory stick which just twists to open the stick. We will ship internationally. We hope that you enjoy the new products, please spread the word and drink in Papa’s new wine! Any problems, please email cobhshop@gmail.com Thanks Rachel COBH

Help us make a dream come true!

Hey friends!

Happy news! We’ve launched a new project to help a dream come true!

It’s been tremendous fun getting to know Richard Lewis the last two years. He has become a great friend and we’ve had some awesome times laughing together. Although Richard has been a worship leader for many years and is well loved in the UK and beyond. But he’s had a dream to create a classical music album since he was young.

Richard Lewis

Before I knew this I saw a vision for him over a year ago of an album with a piano on the cover. We felt Papa wanted us to help him launch out into this. To back him in prayer and action. It seemed this year was the right time to go for it. So we jumped onboard and filmed a video and started a project to raise the funds.

Take a look at the video I know you’ll love this! Richard is a hoot. (Check out the outtakes), His music is beautiful and many times I have listened to him play and felt like I was taken away with God.

I know many of you have enjoyed the Podcasts these last 5 years. We have asked for nothing. But could you partner with this dream to bless Richard in return? You will be shaping Richard and Joy’s life and launching him out into new paths.

It’s going to take £8,000 to make this sweet project happen with a special studio made for this kind of music and the professional production crew. We have set a 6 week target to go for it with Crowd Funder. We have to hit the target to get the funds and we need everyone to help out.From only £10 upwards to donate every amount helps.

I’m really counting you guys will trust us and back us on this. We have given to you – will you help us make Richard’s dream come true? Here’s the website link to see the project and help out:


Thank you for being a part of shaping the future with us. We appreciate and love you all.

Cheers Justin Abraham

Ascend this Saturday Night in Wales

Ascend is on!! Ecstatic School session 3 of 6 with COBH

with special guests BURN CYMRU – Non & Hadleigh Hobbs


We are making space to be taught by the Spirit on how to engage the glory, mystery, wonder and ecstasy of the Trinity. Shaping earth in light of the FUTURE.

Ascend Worship School

Starts 7:30pm. Coffee 7pm. FREE school although opportunity to give to COBH.

Venue: BEACON CENTRE, Harrison Drive, St. Mellons CARDIFF CF3 0PJ


Free parking onsite. You can come to one or all sessions. Up to you!

Need info? Email companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com



Calling all SA friends and family!

I had a dream. I heard a voice say “Africa is hungry!”

I saw thousands running to encounter Heaven

10636031_10152689283356172_4941983401432211237_n (1)


Creation Cries A5

We press on down unknown trails. Wild wandering to find that which is lost. Driven by the beating rhythm of the Father’s burning heart. We journey wherever the wild Goose takes us. To new places to find concealed treasures. Hoping to find Jesus hidden around every corner, revealed in every eye and Joy waiting to embrace us as we arrive.

Thanks for partnering with us.
We love you. 
Justin Abraham

Charlie Shamp in the UK

Charlie Shamp

In an era saturated with hype – these guys are the real deal. Authentic. I have known them for many years. They have massive integrity and they are not building an empire. 

Charlie is moving in incredible faith and power for miracles. In their last USA meeting a totally deaf woman was healed. I am often amazed at their videos on Facebook.

I believe he is a modern day John G Lake. I highly recommend this amazing couple to you. They have been trusted by Papa with a special grace to change lives.

If you need a miracle, or your friend/ or family are sick, try to get to these meetings. 

Here are the dates and locations:

Guilford, England: April 3 – 5

Norwich, England: April 10 – 19

Reading, England: April 24 – 26

Cumbria, England: May 1 – 3

Dumfries, Scotland: May 8 – 10

Belfast, Ireland May 15 – 19

For the full information visit the Destiny Encounters website –


Cheers Justin Abraham

Honouring the Life of John Paul Jackson

Justin Abraham and John Paul JacksonToday I want to honour the life of John Paul Jackson. He went to be with the Lord on February 18th, 2015. An amazing man with a historic legacy.

We met under unusual circumstances. It was the result of a heavenly encounter in 2010 with Enoch. The consequence of this was us meeting for a meal together in Cheltenham England. God came in an unusual way that day as we shared stories. I think we all felt it.

John Paul talked about an experience where angels took him above Wales. An audible voice spoke and said that the last revival with Evan Roberts was cut off prematurely but it will be finished. He was deeply impacted by this. Hearing it was also impacting. 

I know Evan believed it was meant to be a global move. I hold this word in my heart in Wales. I still dream of a nation burning. Wildfire revival torching the skies! A nation transformed for the transformation of many nations. Not 100,000 but a nation burning.

I am so grateful for moments like that. Mile-stones along an unpredictable road. Reminders that we are all moving together somewhere special. What seems so out of control is mapped out by the Great Architect. 

John Paul I felt understood me. Something I rarely feel. More often than not I find indifference or mis-trust towards me from within the established church. An outsider. But John Paul was different. He saw beyond the surface and embraced me unconditionally. 

After this meeting, John Paul invited me to the Convergence in Texas. An annual event for discussing global strategic issues. It was humbling to be trusted like that. To be invited to a gathering with many of the fathers of our generation. I got to meet so many people that I read about. I was the unknown one. I even got to preach! Now that is faith! 

He took a risk with me and many others. He was so secure in the Father. His eyes shone. A big smile. He had massive integrity. Wasn’t afraid of difference. A very rare man. 


His wife Diane is the same. A woman of great courage and faith.

Why did he go to Heaven now?

This is mystery… I know when I met Enoch that John Paul was connected to him. That there was something different going on now. I believe John Paul is involved in something massive we don’t fully see yet. A dream Papa has for the world, and for the whole Cosmos. A re-birth into Life. Fulfilling Isaiah’s words that we would re-build ruined places. A reformation of Creation. 

John Paul is in the Cloud of Witnesses. But more than that he is part of co-creating a new era. I am sure many will see him in the coming years as that plan unfolds. 

But until then we will miss him greatly. My thoughts go to his family. His wife Diane. 

There’s so much more I could say… Cheers for listening. I just felt like talking today. 

Thanks Justin A

*NEW Podcast online TODAY: Life and Immortality

podomatic life and immortality

New podcast from Justin Abraham: Humanity is changing. People are living longer and living healthier. TIME Magazine reports a baby born today could live to 142. We are in a time of massive change. We are returning to the Days of Noah where people lived expanded lives. We will see that there is an amazing promise hidden in the Gospel, the promise of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10).

Justin Abraham

Recorded in Seattle Revival Centre in the USA, with Justin Abraham this is joy filled message of hope, healing and a youthful life!

For more visit our PODOMATIC website
Cheers Justin & Rachel Abraham


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