Justin & Rachel Abraham

Emma Joy and Milly Bennitt @ Spirit School

Are you ready? We love Spirit School! It’s become a place of deep drinking and heavenly encounter and each week Holy Spirit seems to do something different, something creative. There’s only two more SS to go this year and then we pause until January. So hoping you’ll come and connect up and engage with heaven with us. 

We’re in for a treat this week at SS, Emma Joy Henderson is back releasing the poetic sounds of Eden. Emma is a favourite amongst our Podcast downloaders. If you’d like to hear EJ check out this link. Bliss!

We also Milly Bennitt with us. Milly is one of the currently very unknown new generation of mystics in the land that are engaging with the unseen in an profound way. Some of her encounters carry a depth that will impact your heart. Real deal! 

I urge you don’t miss out on hearing and seeing what Papa is doing right now which is often in secret and must be sought out. God is moving but you can miss it through not being willing to adjust to the new things He is doing. This is real. It may still be concealed but what is coming through is dynamite and it’s going to move a generation into the future with power. Like Mike Bickle (IHOP) heard God say – In one generation He is changing the face of Christianity as we know it and it will never be irrelevant again. Our future is not more of the past era. It’s new. 

With Janine John Band we’re going to go as far as Daddy God will let us go. Bring your sounds, your drum, your passion. Space is being made in the land for the Spacious One. A shack, a home. It may not look like much but He is coming and He is staying. And in that place is His Face and Miracles and Love. He is the Teacher. He is the Lover. 

So come and join us for the last two weeks of Spirit School 2011.

Gate Art Centre, Keppoch St. Roath Cardiff WALES. 6pm kick off.

‘Nuff said! COBH team

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