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On the Road again…

Years ago some friends prophesied that I would be “The Travelling Man”. It has been an honour and a dream come true to see the world and and see Papa move on people in his love. This coming week I’m off to the USA again with my friends Jane and Stephen. We’re in Seattle Washington and then onto Idaho. Then Jane continues her adventures onto India. Here’s the USA info -

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Our hearts will very much be in the UK as the Scottish referendum comes. I think we can safely say as a Welsh, English and Scottish team- together we’re stronger and there is something powerful in tribes walking hand in hand in love and unity. We’re praying for the UK to make it! 

Bath Spirit School

We’ve had an amazing time in Bath. Tremendous unity and openness. It was tangible. It was an excellent time. Excited about this. Next session we’re talking about the Government and Courts of God and the heavenly ecclesia. Details are online. It’s a FREE school and runs for 6 months. 

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Finally don’t forget the Welsh Spirit School! We meet once a month in a Cardiff community centre to experiment in worship with Janine John and friends, and the prophetic, with teachings on various elements of the new creation- from the KAINOS phenomena to functioning in the Kingdom Realm of the Father. 

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Thanks once more for our invisible financial partners. You are our heroes! We couldn’t do this without you and we appreciate you very much.

Onwards and upwards! 

Blessings and bliss, Justin Abraham 

*BATH Ecclesia Rising School – This Thursday


*NEW Spirit School – ECCLESIA Rising*

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NEW School – Launching a six month intensive in BATH ENGLAND with JUSTIN ABRAHAM and Friends.

Justin Abraham

This School is designed to raise up Supernatural Ecclesia who engage the Courts and Government of Heaven, who participate in the Heavenly sphere, to shape the future.

*NEW monthly School starts this THURSDAY night in BATH ENGLAND: Ecclesia Rising. Session 1) Living in the Unseen 2) The Government of God 3) Functioning in the Courts 4) Walking with the Angels 5) Engaging the Cloud of Witnesses 6) Into the Future, with impartation and commissioning.

With guest worship leaders – Richard Lewis, Janine John and others.

All welcome to ALL or a few sessions. FREE event. Although voluntary giving suggested.



Thursday 11th Sept – Justin Abraham

Friday 17th Oct – Justin Abraham

Friday 14th Nov – Stephen McKie (Scotland Ablaze)

Friday 12th Dec – Justin Abraham


Friday 9th Jan – Justin Abraham

Friday 6th Feb – Justin Abraham



St. Michael’s Junior School
Newton Road


7pm Tea and Coffee.

7.30pm Start

10pm finish (approx.)


Trevor and Ros

Trev & Ros Dunlop
Contact details for information:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;

old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Cor 5:17

SPIRIT School CARDIFF this weekend

Spirit School Sept 2014v2

Free Monthly School to engage Prophetic ecstatic worship with prayer with Janine John and band, and teaching on the Mystical Realities of the New Creation with Justin Abraham. Come open, flexible and willing to get stretched. No apologies for Holy Spirit hijacking the night- He’s a like a Wild Goose you know!

Venue – BEACON CENTRE, Harrison Drive. Cardiff CF30PJ


Kicks off 7:30pm, but you’re welcome earlier for coffee

FOR more on CARDIFF SPIRIT SCHOOL click here

Blog: NATO in Wales

We are thrilled that after six years of engaging the Governmental mountain in the Kingdom realm of the Father, NATO are right now in WALES. It is the largest gathering of world leaders the UK has ever hosted. They are right on our doorstep at the East Gate. Cardiff and Newport is abuzz with Police and Security people. Obama and Cameron are a few miles away. 

The Nations have come to WALES. The ‘Kings’ have come to our rising (small though it yet may be). They have come here needing clarity and strength. One NEWS paper asked does Wales still breathe fire? Because the Paper said – the Leaders really need it right now. It is not a time to be faint hearted. 


Our national Angels are called PASSION, FIRE and GLORY according to Ian Clayton. We need them more than ever right now. We need the virtue and enablement they bring. This is not a time to be lukewarm. The world is in crisis. NATO must urgently respond. It is an emergency and there is an urgency. 

My personal conviction is that if NATO rises as one man in unity with one voice, it could change the world. We are in a day where we need courageous decisive Leaders. The UN can’t do it but perhaps NATO can. We need people who have vision and don’t run from the challenges of our time. Whether we like it or not the world is already at war. It just looks very different from the past.

But the challenges of our time will never be fully resolved through the natural means alone. It is going to take something super-natural. It’s going to take the governmental ECCLESIA and powerful displays of Heaven. This is something that cannot be hyped up or made to happen through education alone. It is something far more than that. 

We need real POWER not more hype. We even need POWER to pray. To be strengthened with MIGHT to handle it. Warfare in the Spirit, must move into OCCUPYING and taking the seats of power in the Heavenly realms. I saw in a powerful  trance vision the SKY was on FIRE. God spoke and said this time the wildfire is also going to burn the skies (heavens). 

fire sky

People in our history like Rees Howells (and his friends) in Swansea Wales, shaped the second world war through being ECCLESIA. These guys were like the Delta Force, the SAS of the Spirit. They actually overshadowed battles in WW2 and Heaven responded. They moved in the Spirit. There are stories of hailstones falling and unusual weather destroying the enemy. Angels responding to their commands. 


We need visible Government like NATO to be STRONG and TAKE ACTION. But we also must become the HIDDEN Government of the Sons, called out to Govern IN THE SPIRIT. We are a Kingdom of Kings, not just Priests. 

I am asking that I (we) would not be DISTRACTED any longer by earth. As Ian Clayton says is we FOCUS on EARTH we get what’s coming from the Earth. If we focus on HEAVEN we get what’s coming out of HEAVEN. We MUST – as hard as it might be – set our minds on things ABOVE. 

We have been pulled along on the illusions of Facebook, Twitter, the 24/7 news streams.

Something different has to happen now. The great conflict is gathering momentum. You can see it on every front- family, economics, socially, governmentally. In the physical and the spiritual. It’s only going to intensify. 

I had a dream where I saw the enemy was fighting with fury and the battle was intense. It was like Lord of the Rings and they were the orcs. But then the dream pulled back and I realised they were fighting so hard because of panic and fear. They were cornered onto the last part of the Mountain and fighting to remain there. The battle is for the high places.


I then heard an audible voice in the Dream it said “It’s time to SURGE”. I looked it up to see what it means. To surge means -a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep. It’s time for a FORWARD MOVEMENT again. To sweep, push together. I saw if we moved together the enemy would be crushed. We could take them TOGETHER. This was real unity. Real power in action. 

Prophet Martin Scott says, “It takes less than you think to change a culture.”

Joan of ArcJoan of Arc turned a nation around at one of its darkest times and she was little more than a kid who believed in her crazy visions. 

The times have changed. The battle lines have been drawn. It’s not a natural war. It’s a war with hidden powers, darkness and corruption. A battle is here that is not going away. It must be fought. 

The Heroes of the past give me hope it can radically change. Charles Finney was one man who walked in exceptional power in his generation. Even after breakouts of Heaven that shut down towns and factories with conviction, he still prayed like he had seen nothing yet. He was not a ‘satisfied’ as many of the preachers are today. Everywhere he went felt the effects of this ‘strange power’. He said it would cut people down like with a sword. 

In his words, this is what PRAYER was like:

finney“… I was constrained to pray without ceasing. Some of my experiences alarmed me… I would say to God that He had made a promise to answer prayer, and I could not, and would not be denied. I felt so certain He would hear me, and that faithfulness to His promises and to Himself, rendered it impossible that He should not hear and answer, that frequently I found myself saying to Him, “I hope You don’t think that I can be denied. I come with Your faithful promises in my hand, that God would answer prayer- and I cannot be denied”. I cannot tell how absurd unbelief looked to me, and how certain it was, in my mind, that God would answer prayer- those prayers that, from day to day, hour to hour, I found myself offering in such agony and faith. I had no idea of the shape the answer would take, the locality in which the prayers would be answered, or the exact time of the answer… I felt myself strengthen in the Divine Life, put on the harness for a mighty conflict with the powers of darkness, and expected soon to see a far more powerful outpouring of the Spirit of God…”

That’s the real deal. Power to Pray in the Spirit of Might. Power that changes the world through demonstrations and wonders. PRAYER that DARES to make a demand. 

This is what Paul Cain saw coming. This is what Bob Jones died believing. They saw over a billion souls coming in a wave of Power. This is what Smith Wigglesworth testified would come, a great move to shape the whole world. What of Arthur Burke and others?

If Mike Bickle is right, then in this generation something HUGE is going to change WITHIN US. God spoke to him in Egypt, that He would change the expression of Christianity in ONE generation and it would never be irrelevant again. The words resonated through his whole body and mind. Each word echoed and carried deep layers of meaning.

Mike Bickle pursued the iHOP vision. The youth movement is still growing with an astonishing 25,000 gathering for the next ONE THING event.

One Thing

Mike Bickle caught something from God, the mandate for prayer and continual worship. The Power House. 

I have seen it in my dreams. A radical generation is being birthed from the ashes of religion. 

In light of this, forgetting what is behind, we must press on. Beyond church. Beyond politics. Beyond ministry. Beyond ourselves. To SURGE we must move together into the Future.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. Again feel free to disagree or think differently. 

Cheers Justin A 

BLOG: United Kingdom


On the 18th of this month, the people living in Scotland will decide whether or not their future is with the UK. They will decide whether to go it alone, or continue with us. 

I know everyone is free to think differently on this. I don’t want to presume to be an expert on any of this. I know there are many reasons people want to break up the UK. I just want to share what I feel. You are free to agree or disagree. I just want to talk…

I was praying for Europe a number of years ago, and I went into a visionary experience where I was shown different nations in Europe and some of their destinies. I was shown alliances and callings. 

I was shown France, Poland, Germany and the UK specifically.

France I saw the angel of France. She was beautiful and looked like Joan of Arc. She was heroically fighting for the destiny of the nation against hordes of darkness. I saw the war could only be won through the rising love of the people towards one another. 

The vision moved across to Poland. I saw a white eagle. I understood there was a deep well of destiny in the nation. A destiny we have yet to see rise. A white Eagle nation. A strong prophetic voice to emerge. A hub of prophetic visionaries. 

servant-of-all1I saw Germany, and how it’s greatest call as a Leader was to be the servant of all. That it’s might would be revealed best in its humility and meekness. That, if as a nation, it would prefer others and build up other nations, it would become a father of nations. It would have spiritual sons in the lands of Europe. If it went lower and gave it economic strength to build, it would be considered truly great, and become deeply loved. 

I then saw Britain. In the vision it looked like it was made of silver/ steel and I could see these beautiful joins between the nations 0f Scotland, Wales and England. Supernatural joins. I saw how the British tribes were actually welded together by God. Papa showed me he had joined us with purpose together. It was his doing. There is strength in being UK. I heard the words “What God has joined together…”. 

In another similar experience I saw Scotland prophetically as a great mystical being earthed into creation. I saw it emerge as a giant rising out of the green lands. In that moment I saw how it was a bardic nation like Wales, yet different from Wales. They were warrior bards. That the Spirit of Might was connected to their DNA. 


The Lord spoke a mystery to me at that time. He said we would “Need the strength of Scotland for what’s coming.”. He gave me no indication what “was coming” nor a clue to it’s meaning, other than his heart for us, and how we would value Scotland and need its strength. It is a warrior amongst the British tribes. 

As a Welshman I’ve always loved England and Scotland, and Ireland. I’ve never believed in nationalism or liked the racism. We are all mixed together. In fact when I was in work, I used to sometimes wear an England football shirt on casual clothes days. It used to annoy a few of the hardened Welsh but I used to simply reply with a smile “I love England”. It was a wonder! 

Paul_McCartney-1I have to agree with former Beatle, Paul McCartney, who recently said to Scotland “What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let’s stay together.”. 

Billy Connolly, a fearless stand-up supporter of the union, put it simply: “The more people stay together, the happier they’ll be”. I think that’s true. 

I have never seen so many English saying how much they love Scotland and our lands. I saw in Horsham last week people crying deeply in prayer for Scotland. The intensity in their faces and the genuine sorrow. I looked at them with amazement and thought “If only the Scots could see this…”. 

Justin AbrahamOnly when you might lose something do you realise it’s true value. 

I simply love the UK. I am hoping Scotland chooses to stay with us. Both for them and us. Powerful nations choosing to be together for love and a greater purpose. A sign and a wonder to the world. 

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for listening.  

Cheers Justin Abraham 




Join us in HORSHAM at Tomorrow People


Excited to have another weekend with IAN CLAYTON in HORSHAM.

Hosted by Matt and Pearl Nagy and the Glory Company.

Expectant about seeing what is in ENGLAND’s Scroll.

What is the Heavenly Council saying RIGHT now?

I will also be speaking both days on the Mystic Realms.

Visit glory-company.com for more info.

Hope to see you there. Cheers Justin 

*NEW Podcast LIVE

Introducing a NEW voice to the COBH Podcasts –

David von Blanckensee from Melbourne Australia.

Dave and Jen

God has hijacked David from a normal life to a brand new lifestyle of supernatural wonders. In this session recorded at the Ecstatic Revolution gatherings in New Zealand, David takes us behind the veil with ease, to the unseen kingdom to shape the seen world. Heaven is at hand!

CLICK HERE to visit the PODCAST webpage

For more on Dave and Jen visit http://www.gloryrevolution.net. The end music is the brilliant ‘Rend Collective Experiment available on iTunes.

Thank you to all our Personal Partners who make funding this free service possible. We are getting around 1,500 downloads every single day and you guys are making a massive difference. Thank you! 


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